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Sclerotherapy is used to reduce the appearance and problems associated with varicose veins and spider veins. Spider veins are smaller veins that can show up on the face and legs, while varicose veins usually occur on the legs. Varicose veins can be problematic, as they can increase one’s risk for clots and can be painful and sore when patients are standing or walking for long periods. Using sclerotherapy, we can treat both types of veins and improve patients’ appearance and quality of life.

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During the sclerotherapy appointment, a solution such as Asclera is injected directly into the problem veins with a very fine needle to close the vein and allow it to collapse. The blood flowing through this vein is redirected into healthier veins, while the closed vein fades and is dissolved by the body. This treatment can provide amazing results, but patients must understand that several sclerotherapy sessions may be required. A consultation visit with the team at Seriously Skin can assist patients in understanding how many appointments may be necessary.

Patients are encouraged to bring compression stockings with them to their appointment. The skin is cleaned and the solution is carefully injected into the veins, the appointment will last approximately 15 minutes. Patients are then required to wear compression stockings to place pressure on the veins for improved healing. During a patient’s consultation visit, the dermatologist will suggest the type of compression stockings necessary to facilitate results. Some patients may need less pressure with support pantyhose, while others may need stronger compression with medical stockings. These stockings are worn at all times for at least three days following treatment.

Patients with varicose veins and spider veins who are considering the benefits of sclerotherapy are welcome to contact the practice of Seriously Skin to learn more about Asclera, as well as our available laser vein treatments for spider veins. Patients can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each solution and work with a professional to determine the best treatment for their unique situation.

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