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Coolsculpting Treatment

Coolsculpting Treatment at Seriously Skin, Cleveland

Coolsculpting Treatment at Seriously Skin, Cleveland

You haven’t changed your exercise routine or diet. Yet bulges and soft spots around your middle and thighs appeared, seemingly, overnight.

Perhaps you’ve spent a lifetime in the gym and counting calories — only to see no difference in those love handles or that muffin top.

Seriously Skin offers CoolSculpting by Allergan Aesthetics, an FDA-cleared procedure that targets trouble spots and eliminates the fat cells responsible for those stubborn areas.

Proven science

This safe and effective procedure is based on the science of “cryolipolysis,” a mix of “cryo” (freezing), “lipo” (fat) and “lysis” (loosening). As its name suggests, cryolipolysis applies cool temperatures in a controlled, gentle manner to eliminate fat cells underneath the skin.

Leveraging the knowledge that fat cells behave differently to extreme cold than skin cells, this technology causes targeted fat to crystallize or freeze. While these cells are affected, the skin and surrounding tissue remains undamaged.

In the following weeks (usually four to six months), the cells are naturally flushed from the body.

With weight loss and other “fat-reducing” treatments, the fat cells decrease in size but the number of cells remains the same. When weight is gained, fat cells get bigger again. With the cryolipolysis-powered CoolSculpting treatment, there are no fat cells to grow again because the cells are eliminated. You’ll look slim, and your wardrobe will look flattering on you.

Coolsculpting Treatment at Seriously Skin, Cleveland

Coolsculpting Treatment Video at Seriously Skin Cosmetic and Laser Medicine, OH

You eat right, you exercise, and you do what you can to stay in shape, but sometimes it seems like those fat bulges won’t budge. If you’ve been fighting the uphill battle against stubborn fat take a moment to consider the cool sculpting treatment. Cool sculpting is an FDA cleared treatment for men and women seeking to reduce stubborn fat, in problem areas such as their abdomens are sides with little to no downtime and no surgery. Developed by Harvard scientists and proven safe and effective in clinical studies, Cool. Sculpting is the world number 1, non-surgical way to reduce unwanted areas of fat. In fact, there have been more than 8,000,000 Coolsculpting treatments worldwide. The cool sculpting treatment is a medical procedure that can take as little as 35 minutes depending on the treatment area. Most patients take this time to relax, rest, or even watch TV. After your treatment session, you can typically return to your normal daily activities. Let’s take a look at how cool sculpting Works. Patented cool sculpting technology safely targets and freezes fat cells directly under the skin without harming surrounding nerves or tissue. Typically, up to 20 to 25% of fat in the treated area will begin to be eliminated in the weeks following treatment by the body’s own natural processes over the weeks and months after treatment, there’s a noticeable reduction in the fat layer of the treated area. Results are typically seen one to three months after treatment. The cool sculpting procedure is FDA cleared to reduce Stubborn fat in common trouble spots on your body. With the cool sculpting treatment, you can reshape the areas of your body that bother you the most without surgery. Flatten your abdomen. Smooth out your flanks, love handles. Reduce back fat. Reduce access fat Under the chin and under the jaw line. Slim down your thighs. Reduce stubborn fat in the upper arm. It all starts with your specific fat reduction goals and creating a personalized treatment plan that you and your doctor Will develop during an initial consultation. Coolsculpting can reduce stubborn fat in treated areas. This means your clothes may fit and look better. Best of all, those treated fat cells once eliminated. Are gone for good. Ask us if Coolsculpting can help you reduce stubborn fat. Take the next step. Schedule your cool sculpting consultation with us today.

What to expect

CoolSculpting is the only treatment of its kind cleared by the FDA. Its origins are rooted in the Harvard University-affiliated Wellman Center for Photomedicine. Renowned Drs. Dieter Manstein and R. Rox Anderson noticed some kids developed dimples after consuming popsicles, which led to further research on how to harness low temperatures to selectively damage subcutaneous fat while leaving skin untouched.

Unlike liposuction or other surgical techniques, there are no incisions or anesthesia. Because it’s a non-invasive procedure, you don’t have to worry about long and painful healing. You can check your emails or read magazines during the procedure, in the comfort of our office. After about an hour, you can return to work or home.

Cool results, sculpted you

Approved specifically for treating unwanted fat on your sides, belly and thighs, CoolSculpting starts with a device that isolates the problem spot between two cooling panels. After a few minutes, the feeling of pressure and intense cold subsides. You’re free to relax as the cold works to freeze the fat cells.

CoolSculpting® is FDA-cleared to treat visible fat bulges in 9 areas of the body. Some common side effects include temporary numbness, discomfort, and swelling.

Coolsculpting Treatment Video at Seriously Skin Cosmetic and Laser Medicine, OH

The non-surgical cool sculpting treatment is FDA cleared to reduce stubborn fat in nine different parts of the body. Cool sculpting technology works by applying targeted cooling to fat cells, triggering cell death. Frozen fat cells in the treated area will begin to be eliminated in the weeks following treatments by the body’s own natural processes. There is no Harm to surrounding nerves or skin. The result up to 20 to 25% fat layer reduction in the treated area. Best of all once the treated fat cells are eliminated from the body. They’re gone for good, all with little to no downtime and no surgery.

Any redness, bruising or discomfort will go away soon after treatment. From then on, expect to see results in as early as three weeks. Even more dramatic results can be seen after three months, but fat cells continue to be eliminated up to six months after treatment. And while CoolSculpting is proven to reduce fat by up to 20 percent in just one visit, it’s safe to use on additional areas, over multiple visits.

Seriously Skin offers CoolSculpting by Allergan Aesthetics, an FDA-approved procedure.

Experience how this cool process can sculpt a new you!

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More than one million people around the globe have seen CoolSculpting do what decades of diet and exercise couldn’t. There are no pills or supplements to take, or diet and fitness regimens to follow. If anything, you’ll be inspired to keep your new (or regained) shape by sticking to the good habits.

What Patients Have To Say About Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting Testimonial Video 1 at Seriously Skin Cosmetic and Laser Medicine, OH
As a woman in her 40s, you get to the point in life where you just you accept things as they are, But I also want to feel and look fabulous, knowing that I’ve got a dress that's going to feel good on my body. I feel really good and relieve. I can just be...

As a woman in her 40s, you get to the point in life where you just you accept things as they are, But I also want to feel and look fabulous, knowing that I’ve got a dress that’s going to feel good on my body. I feel really good and relieve. I can just be, I can be fully present. My absolute favourite thing in life is being a mom. I was a single parent for almost all of my children upbringing and I’m proud of that. My daughter is getting married and I’m the mother of the bride. That’s a big deal. I have to accept the fact that I’m an older woman. We all do. We all get older. And I earned my wrinkles and my laugh lines and frown lines. That’s just part of life. I’ve noticed that my metabolism slowing down and my clothes were less comfortable. I don’t want her to see her mother feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious. I want to look my best and be my best. I’m going to make this wedding happen and I’m going to look good while doing it. Hello, how are things in Texas? Good, Yeah, Yeah, I’m doing the cool sculpting tomorrow, No way, yeah. I’m nervous. You’re nervous. Why are you nervous? Well, you know I. Don’t know how it’s going to feel, but I’ll, I’ll, definitely call you after and tell you how it goes. We are just Waiting for the big day to get here, been waiting so long. Oh, I know. It’s so exciting. Oh my gosh. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Okay, I love you. Bye. Alright, Jennifer, Are you ready for your close-up. We’re going to look at your abdomen and flank area, so your court today. I was nervous going in, the clinicians were really kind. Right. Are you like nice and relaxed? You think into your room and. We’ll get going. Okay, she took the time to, you know, make sure that everything was alright with me and, That I was comfortable, Jennifer, yes. Tell me what bothers you the most? I would, I would love to see that shrink this shrink and actually the flanks too. Awesome yeah Okay. Okay, yeah, we can do. So, the way cool sculpting worse is we freeze and kill the fact and you start to see the results over a. Period of 30 to 90 days so. That’s pretty quick, yeah. So, you’re going to be ready for the wedding. Perfect. Alright, so Are you ready for treatment, let’s freeze that fat. Let’s do it. So, we’re Going to start with your arms first, and then we’ll kind of work our way around your body just to keep comfortable, Okay and You’re going to. Feel a slight suction. One Two and three. That’s it. That’s it? That’s it. So, you’ll start to feel it pulling in about 5 or 10. Seconds, you know, I feel really comfortable. It’s not at all as painful as I I was so nervous about it, you know? Yes good. So, I am in the middle of my treatment. My fat is being frozen as we speak. Today has been fabulous experience. What I’m really excited about is after this, getting the results and then getting the dress. It’s so exciting. Oh my gosh. I felt optimistic and was out, you know, in my garden the next day, just enjoying knowing that something special was going to happen and that was exciting. It’s been about five weeks since the cool sculpting. I definitely feel a difference. I don’t feel so much jiggly in., Look at that. This is exciting. This is really exciting, all right, it’s working. This is the dress that Had been tight on me and now, it is so comfortable. It’s not squeezing anywhere. I slipped it on and there’s still room. Yeah, I look good. Several weeks later I had a second round of treatments. There are parts on my body that needed more than one treatment because there was a little bit extra fat in certain places, but I keep seeing the results get better and better. I feel like smaller. Yeah, you look smaller I don’t know how to describe it. But I can feel it’s the way the cloths fit, but that’s where you feel it. My friend was really raving about how my Body had changed. Oh, My goodness. For her to see that on me was exciting. So, you have to. Help me choose the, the, best dress. Oh yes. OK. Yeah. Oh, you know I will. So, on the left-hand screen is going to be the before. Okay. And it’s Going to be the after. Oh my Gosh. Look at that. I’m like. Okay look here, yeah. This has come down so much we, can see the other side of Your waist, do you see That? Oh wow. I really see it. Just shaved if off right there. Oh yeah, look at that. It’s really flat. So nice. Like especially their looks so good. Yeah, Wow, very excited. Right. Oh my God. I’m so happy for you this is going to Be so fun. Welcome so you are looking for another bride dress? Yes, oh, I like this one here. Yes they are all beautiful. They’re pretty. Yeah, hello, how are you? Good. How are you? Good, Did you see my dress fitting? Oh my gosh, you look so pretty. Thank you. I love it. I would never have tried on a dress like that before. Never, right? It felt really surprising to step out of the the dressing room in a dress shape that showed all of my curves. I felt like it was my moment is to shine A little bit. It was fun. It feels like I gave myself a gift, so I’m going to show up to that wedding in this beautiful dress and I’m going to rock it. My name is Jennifer and this is my cool journey.

Jennifer - My Cool Journey

Coolsculpting Testimonial Video 2 at Seriously Skin Cosmetic and Laser Medicine, OH

You only live one life. So why not live happy? Why not do something that can help you look better and have Your clothes fit better. My favourite memories as a child, is playing soccer with my dad. We also played football together and we played basketball. In my vision growing up was I want to play. Professional sports? Well, guess what had an injury that could happen? So, my second vision was, well, I’m going to cover professional sports. I’m a sports anchor, play by play announcer and reporter. I get paid to talk sports and interview the best athletes in the world, so it would not have it any other way. I interview guys that are NBA players and NFL players and boxers, and these guys are big and they’re powerful and I like to work out. I like to be in shape to kind of be able to stand with them, I’m a pretty healthy eater. I do cardio and I lift weights, but the love handles wouldn’t change. I didn’t want to have surgery, And then Coolsculpting? Was like, wait, no surgery, I don’t have to take days off and I was like, why not give it a shot? All right, ready for your close-up? Ready, right. Okay, perfect. Nice big inhale and exhale. Fantastic, Alright, you’re all set. Ready to get frozen. Excited to get started? Kind of nervous, but excited. Oh, that’s what we’re interested in treating? These are called Love Handles, but nobody loves them. I can never wear like the shirt how I want it and it’s frustrating. The assessment plan was kind of fun, Because it’s different for each person. They really sculpt you. So that made me feel even better. You ready to do it? Let’s do it. Let’s do it. Let’s get it. Done. See, People get nervous with cameras, I don’t. I get nervous with machines. One two and three, and how do you feel. It does not hurt. How do you? Perfect. Feel nice. Not too tight. Yeah, it feels, feels, pretty good. All right, that’s it, and I’ll just wait for it to start going, just wait, Off by itself. Every day, look in the mirror and see. Does it gradually. It happens a little bit more. Nice, does that feel like freedom? Yes, done. The results take weeks and I actually like that because you start seeing it slowly coming off and off and off. Week three was really eye opening. I was like, whoa, wait a minute, it’s, it’s, starting to come off. Hello, checking in right here. It’s been about four weeks since I had the treatment. I’m wearing one of the suit jackets that I wasn’t wearing before because it wouldn’t fit and check out the view. Hopefully we get a great game today. Alright, it’s been 5 weeks, heading to the gym right now, but close fit better, I look better. Second, pretty impressed. We are. Live right now in about 30 minutes. It’s the life of a sports anchor. Glad to report it’s been around seven weeks. I look thinner than ever. Went back for a second treatment just because they were so nice the first time and it was just such a good experience overall. I wasn’t looking for something drastic, I, I, just wanted to look better. See this shirt? I bought that in 2013. I stopped. Wearing this shirt about Four years ago, because it didn’t fit, it was way too small on me. Well, as you can see. Alright let inhale and exhale. You want to come over and see it? Yeah, alright I do. I do. Excited. Before, and after. Alright, it was safe, but wow looks like a different person. It looks like a different. It looks like a different person. I know. This looks like if it was photoshopped. I know. Like how smooth it is in this yeah, goosebumps. Very good. Yeah, Woo Hoo. You do have to have some patience because it’s not instant gratification. For my career that I’m on TV, how I look matters. How your suits fit matter. I can wear suits that I haven’t worn in like 10 years. When you start seeing it, it makes you want to work out more and eat healthier and live a healthier life, and it makes you feel more comfortable and you have a vision, and once you have a vision, you can accomplish it. I’m David. And this is my cool journey.

David - My Cool Journey

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