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Benefits of sclerotherapy for the treatment of varicose veins in the leg in the Chagrin Falls, OH area

The Benefits of Sclerotherapy in Chagrin Falls area

Varicose veins can be an increasingly concerning problem for many patients in the area of Chagrin Falls, OH. These problematic veins are often highly noticeable on the legs and can cause patients discomfort, either in the form of pain when standing or walking for long periods of time or with increased itching. Patients in the area are welcome to connect with the team at Seriously Skin Cosmetic and Laser Medicine to learn about the benefits of treatment options such as sclerotherapy.

Understanding varicose veins

There are veins throughout the body that help with the transportation of blood. The veins in the leg are often large. When patients develop twisted or enlarged veins in the legs, they are diagnosed with varicose veins. The veins in the legs are the primary area where varicose veins may occur due to the pressure in the veins on the lower body caused by standing and walking. Not only do the veins become extremely noticeable on the legs, causing a roadmap of blue veins on the upper or lower legs, but they can become problematic for patients. Patients who spend their days standing or walking may have an aching pain in the legs and may experience itching. This can make each day uncomfortable. Luckily, with the help of a doctor, patients can treat these veins using sclerotherapy to eliminate them and reduce the discomfort associated with them.

What is sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a specialized treatment for varicose veins. This treatment requires an injection of a sclerosing agent directly into the problematic vein. The purpose of the sclerosing medication is to help close up the diseased, problematic vein. Once this occurs, the body naturally absorbs it. By sclerosing the vein, the body is able to redirect the blood to healthier veins in the leg. However, it is important that patients understand that even with redirecting the blood flow to other veins, these veins may later become problematic. Sclerotherapy addresses the current varicose veins in the body and provides a solution that will serve many patients in the Chagrin Falls, OH area.

Is sclerotherapy fast?

The treatment itself is relatively quick. Our provider will inject the sclerosing agent directly into the veins of the leg during the appointment. Then, patients are given specific aftercare instructions to follow as the veins begin to close and absorb. This may include wearing compression socks and following a specific exercise regimen to speed healing. While the treatment itself is fast, the healing process does require some extra time. However, when the blood is successfully redirected and the veins have been closed up, patients will notice a decrease in the pain and discomfort they once felt with this condition.

Who is a candidate for sclerotherapy?

Any patient who has varicose veins in the legs may be considered an appropriate candidate for sclerotherapy. Determining candidacy is done during an initial consultation appointment with Dr. Jennifer Kish and her team of providers, during which patients can ask questions about this and other therapies available.

What are the benefits of sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is:

  • Fast
  • Effective
  • Affordable
  • Minimally invasive

Are there alternatives available to traditional sclerotherapy?

The Benefits of Sclerotherapy in Chagrin Falls area Image 2

Doctors have been using sclerotherapy for years to help patients who have developed varicose veins. However, it is not the only option. At Seriously Skin Cosmetic and Laser Medicine, we also offer laser sclerotherapy, which uses laser light to treat the vein instead of injectables. Patients are welcome to ask about the two options during their visit with Dr. Jennifer Kish to decide the best treatment for their specific needs and budget.

Schedule an appointment at Seriously Skin Cosmetic and Laser Medicine today to decide if sclerotherapy is right for you!

Patients who have varicose veins in the legs are often encouraged to consider the advantages of treatment with sclerotherapy to look and feel their best! Dr. Jennifer Kish of Seriously Skin Cosmetic and Laser Medicine in Chagrin Falls, OH is here to help patients decide if this treatment is appropriate for their specific needs. A consultation appointment is the first step in learning more. Call the practice today at (440) 499-7145 to book a visit with our team at 154 Bell Street. We are always accepting new patients and families into our office for quality care with our experienced provider.

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