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Visia Skin Imaging System at Seriously Skin, Cleveland

Visia 6 Skin Analysis

Visia 6 Skin Analysis

At Seriously Skin, we believe it is important to provide a thorough diagnosis and create an effective treatment plan for every unique patient who comes through our doors. This is why we have invested in Visia 6 Skin Analysis technology to help our patients see the problem areas of their skin, determine the areas in which sun damage has occurred, and see the results during the treatment process.

The Visia 6 Skin Analysis system is a photographic device that can capture information that may not be easily seen by physicians. This device is used to show both patients and physicians areas of:

  • Sun damage (photo damage)
  • Bacterial growth (porphyrins)
  • Pigmentation irregularities
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Overall skin texture
  • Size of pores
  • Areas of inflammation and redness

Visia technology

Using the Visia technology, our physicians can develop a customized treatment plan that is tailored to each patient’s specific needs and desires. Patients place their head into the machine while it takes three photographs of the face, the front, and both sides. Then, the computer software uses these digital prints and analyzes them to check the overall health and appearance of the skin. Patients can sit with their physician and discuss the results. Once treatment has started, Visia photographs can be taken regularly to track progress and see the improvements and effectiveness of each skin solution over time.

The Visia 6 Skin Analysis system is one of the most comprehensive and precise tools used for skin complexion analysis. This technology allows the team of Seriously Skin to see the problems at hand and determine the best way to improve the skin’s texture, tone, and overall health. This imaging software is just one of many technologically advanced methods of diagnosis and treatment available through Seriously Skin.

Visia 6 Skin Analysis Tools and best technology

If you are interested in visiting a dermatological practice with the latest technology for the best in skincare and health, contact Seriously Skin today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our state-of-the-art devices that help us provide effective care for all patients who visit our practice.

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