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Fruit Enzyme Peels

Fruit Enzyme peels

Dr. Jennifer Kish, DO, serving Cleveland, Ohio, is a dedicated professional ready to assist patients with skin rejuvenation. One of our popular options for treating skin with poor texture and tone is the fruit enzyme peel.

What is a fruit enzyme peel?

Fruit enzyme peels are a great way to exfoliate the skin with natural chemicals found in fruits. Enzymes are not harsh and provide a more natural method of improving the skin’s texture and tone. These peels are great for addressing damaged and dry surface skin and removing impurities, resulting in smooth, soft skin! Additionally, by utilizing fruit enzyme peels regularly, patients will be able to enjoy the natural defense against the signs of aging. This is because these peels encourage skin cell turnover and really open the pores, allowing patients to utilize antioxidant serums to seep deep within the skin after each treatment. These peels are simple to use at home and are a wonderful solution for patients who are ready for an amazing transformation. We recommend patients use these peels at least once a week to keep their skin looking great and enjoy the full benefits they provide. Patients often integrate special serums into their treatment as well, and this should be discussed with Dr. Jennifer Kish, DO to ensure all areas of the skin are addressed with a quality product.

Why should patients be using fruit enzyme peels?

Patients who experience clogged pores regularly are great candidates for fruit enzyme peels. Many of these will be used to dissolve the dead skin cells, reverse damage caused by free radicals, and smooth the skin’s overall texture, including scarring. Fruit enzymes are a more natural approach to skin care and smell great! These treatments exfoliate but are not as harsh, making them perfect for patients with sensitive skin.

What types of fruit enzyme peels are available?

  • Cherry enzyme
  • Pumpkin-orange enzyme
  • Papaya enzyme
  • Raspberry-peach enzyme
  • Passionfruit enzyme
  • Blueberry enzyme
  • Pomegranate enzyme
  • Coconut-papaya enzyme
  • Lemon zest enzyme

What are the benefits of using fruit enzyme peels?

There are several advantages for patients who choose to use fruit enzyme peels on their skin. These peels can improve the skin by:

  • Smoothing skin and reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reducing pore size
  • Evening out the skin tone and texture
  • Hydrating the skin
  • Enhance the skin’s natural, healthy glow
  • Address inflammation and redness

Interested in fruit enzyme peels?

Contact Dr. Jennifer Kish, DO and her staff at Seriously Skin Cosmetic and Laser Medicine to book an appointment and discuss the advantages of using fruit enzyme peels to address poor texture and tone. Our practice can be reached at (440) 499-7145 and is located at 154 Bell Street in Cleveland, Ohio.

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