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Why we are different

Our mantra: Seriously Skin believes patients should be able to obtain innovative, state-of-the-art procedures to improve their appearance and feel their best. In addition, we have some serious bragging rights here. Why? Because we truly enjoy what our practice does for patients. Because of our serious beauty love, we want you to know what separates us from our competition.

Our staff is very passionate about what we do. We get excited when we kill hair follicles, combat acne, or transform skin. Yes,…you read that right. We focus on ensuring you receive the best results that today’s cosmetic medicine can offer.
Not every laser treatment is the same. With that in mind, we can tell you that we have the most state-of-the-art lasers in the area. Our machines are extremely new and use the latest advances in today's laser technologies. The Lumenis LightSheer Duet and the Sciton BBL Platform system are our darlings when it comes to laser hair removal. Each of these platforms flawlessly removes hair and spider leg veins. In addition, our Sciton BBL Platform is capable of the "non-surgical facelift," or contour peel, laser micro peels, ProFractional therapies, acne reduction, acne scar removal, scar reduction, vein removal, brown / age spot removal, red spot removal, and skin tightening. We have also acquired the military-grade Fotona Venus Legacy for tattoo removal, pigmented lesions, acne treatment, vascular lesions, and leg vain treatments. In addition, we have the ability to reduce fat, cellulite and tighten skin with the new Venus Legacy and CelluSmooth. You will get results with these machines, as we know that they have been tested and thoroughly researched and have received FDA approval.
Your consultation for laser hair removal is free. It is our goal to provide our patients with complete information regarding any of the cosmetic treatments we offer in our practice, giving our patients an honest evaluation and consultation including the benefits and disadvantages of every procedure. Consider us your "girlfriends" in the business, as we will always tell you what our competition will not.
Let's be honest, you may never see a physician in the facility of our competition. They do not work there and do not have set hours. Most of these so-called "medical directors" are medical directors on paper. If you ask to see them, you may have a hard time getting an appointment, as they are never there. You can rest assured that our doctors keep regular hours at our facility. If you ever want to talk to our doctors about anything, that will never be a problem because they are regularly present. That is what good medicine means to us.
One consultation is all you will need to know why we are the best in the business. We are comprehensive, honest, and competitive.
Our competition will offer to reduce your cost by 50 percent "IF YOU BUY TODAY." We don't work this way, and we never will. Your pricing is upfront, and you know what is included. No self-respecting business expects you to make a major financial decision on the spot. We simply do not operate like that, because it is unfair to the consumer.
. Unlike our competition, we will happily give you pricing guidelines and information over the phone. With us, you will never have to wonder what the price is. Ever.
Our competition out-spends us any day of the week. How? Because they use fancy advertising and mass marketing. Who do you think really pays for that? Answer: the consumer - you. Your services will not be better with our competition. However, they will be more expensive. We can promise you that.
Seriously Skin is a locally owned and operated business. More so, we are a small, female owned business. Because we are local, we have a vested interest in the people that surround us. We adore our Cleveland location. We love connecting with the people, sponsoring baseball teams, raising awareness, and fundraising for local charities.
As for the competition: they are based outside of Ohio with no ties to our local community.
Our facility promotes education, well-being, and comprehensive skin care from your hair follicles to your cellular skin structure. Our goal is to educate and encourage you to try the newest cutting-edge procedures that are available to you so that you will look and feel your best. From skin perfecting facials to medical grade skin care products, we want you to love every moment you spend with us. We love it when our clients come in for a sultry new eye shadow or lively blush, and end up staying for a fresh cup of coffee. Our goal is, and always will be, to promote wellness and beauty; we have successfully reached this mission in our tranquil atmosphere. See for yourself.
In short, if it does not work for us, we don’t sell it. Our staff has trained with physicians, attended company seminars, and personally used every product that we sell. We have the ability to give you solid information about our products and services to guide you in making the best decisions for your skin. If we would not use it, you will not use it.

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Seriously Skin

Our name says it all~ we take the youthfulness and vitality of your skin very seriously. At Seriously Skin, our expertise is reflected in the cutting edge technology and procedures we use to achieve your end result: beautiful and healthy skin.

State of the art laser treatments, Coolsculpting, and an array of aesthetic services are only the beginning. Combined with a healthy lifestyle, we will help you turn back time on your aging skin by revealing a more youthful you.

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