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Cellulite at Seriously Skin, Chagrin Falls

Though it is possible for a man to notice a touch of cellulite, this common problem is typically noticed on the female body. We all know the telltale signs of cellulite, that “cottage cheese” look that develops on the thighs, buttocks, or even on the arms or abdomen. This problem occurs as a result of excess fat pushing on tightened fibrous bands beneath the skin. As fat cells push outward through this mesh network of tissue, bumps appear.

There are several factors that impact one’s potential for cellulite, including weight, age, the thickness of the skin, genetics, and gender. While cellulite may not be a serious health concern, its appearance is no less distressing.

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Today, a woman can find any number of magic creams or lotions promising to handle the problem of cellulite with daily application. The truth is, cellulite is a problem that has occurred beneath the skin and there is no way to properly banish lumps and bumps from the outside in. Treatment must address the area beneath the skin if obvious improvement is to be achieved.

At Seriously Skin, cellulite is treated at its core with therapies that reach beyond the surface to target supportive tissues and fat cells. Each of our available treatment options, Exilis and CelluSmooth, have been cleared by the FDA for the reduction in the appearance of cellulite through skin tightening and the targeting of fibrous tissues. Both Exilis and CelluSmooth have a proven track record of success in patients of all ages.

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Seriously Skin is dedicated to aesthetic improvements based on individual need. We begin by listening to your skin concerns and conducting a thorough evaluation during your consultation appointment. Our physician will ask about your medical history, including any medications you are taking. You will also be able to let us know what other forms of care or treatment you have tried in your attempts to get rid of cellulite. Details of the available treatment options will be provided so that you can choose your ideal therapy with confidence.

Cellulite is a problem that plagues many women for years. There is no reason to feel as though you would like to hide a body part due to cellulite. Seriously Skin provides skin tightening, cellulite reducing treatments to men and women from Chagrin Falls and the Cleveland area. Contact us at (440) 499-7145 to learn more about Exilis and CelluSmooth.

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