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Information on Bruising

Bruising is a common discoloration to the skin that is caused by trauma to the area. It is a pool of blood underneath the skin caused by damage to the blood vessels underneath. It can also occur after surgeries and injections, including facial fillers or Botox.

Leafy Green

There are certain foods and supplements that can help those who are “easy bruisers,” those of us who bruise like peaches with barely any trauma to the area. Medications such as blood thinners can also lead to bruising. However, if patients eat plenty of foods with Vitamin K, this can help. This includes leafy greens such as cabbage, kale, and spinach, which can easily be added to any nutritious lifestyle. Supplements such as Bromelain and Arnica Montana are also known to lessen the possibility of bruising. Patients who are undergoing procedures such as injections or surgery can start using an antioxidant-rich cream on the area of treatment several weeks beforehand.

When bruising occurs, there is not much one can do to make it go away any faster. However, if it is painful, you can apply pressure to the area and ice it periodically. Preventative measures such as foods, supplements, and topicals mentioned above can be helpful in reducing the occurrence of bruising. In the meantime, while waiting for the bruise to fade, many patients use cosmetics with yellow undertones, which can counteract the purple and blue colors of the bruise.

Topicals and Supplements

Patients who may be undergoing procedures such as injections or surgeries are encouraged to follow the above tips to reduce the likelihood of bruising from trauma and keep their skin looking great. Patients can also ask their dermatologists for topicals and supplements that can be used after treatments to help reduce the size and depth of a bruise and help facilitate healing of the area.

The best way to avoid bruising is to be proactive about keeping the body healthy and avoiding as much trauma to the skin as possible. Regardless, patients who are experiencing severe bruising that will not go away may want to seek medical attention to see if there is an underlying problem.

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