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Revolutionary BARE HR™: Fastest laser for year-round hair removal on all skin types and body areas!

Revolutionary BARE HR™: Fastest laser for year-round hair removal on all skin types and body areas!

Seriously Skin, Cosmetic & Laser Medicine is excited and privileged to introduce a new way for individuals in and around Chagrin Falls, Ohio, to reduce and remove unwanted hair permanently. This innovative platform, BARE HR™ by medical technology leader Sciton, revolutionizes how individuals get smoother, hair-free skin that exudes confidence. 

Why BARE HR™ is so special

BARE HR™ represents a gold standard laser hair removal system that replaces antiquated hair removal methods. Even large areas can be treated in a matter of minutes. Patients are safely, efficiently, comfortably, and precisely treated during any time of year. Plus, BARE HR™ supports genuinely personalized treatment. The device is designed to effectively address each patient’s unique needs, even those with dark skin.

Earlier-generation lasers were limited in treating a range of skin types. Likewise, laser hair removal was typically a “seasonal” treatment because the device responded to untanned skin. For patients with dark or tanned skin, they may not have been good candidates for laser treatments due to risks such as hypopigmentation (light patches of skin) following treatment. Moreover, these treatments are generally time-consuming. Only smaller areas or spot sizes can be treated. The laser itself can’t reach the peak speeds associated with the latest systems like BARE HR™. Also, older treatments are associated with more and longer sessions to get desirable results, which further adds to the overall cost of treatment. 

BARE HR™ eliminates the drawbacks associated with older technologies. Its stunning features include: 

  • The first and only platform of its kind to deliver ultra-short pulses of laser energy for the fastest treatment.
  • These pulses reach optimal temperatures to destroy hairs at each follicle.
  • The surrounding skin is untouched, which allows for precise and safe treatment.
  • Due to these features, patients enjoy superior results in the shortest time possible.
  • Versatility abounds, as the system safely and selectively treats all skin types and areas, both large and small. 
  • The exclusive blend technology simultaneously delivers three wavelengths to support personalized treatment by penetrating various hair depths on diverse skin types without damaging surface skin.
  • Patient comfort is maintained throughout treatment due to a built-in, constant contact cooling

Due to how hair grows (in stages), a series of treatments are still needed; however, BARE HR™ patients love how much time is saved during each treatment session because the laser works so fast! At Seriously Skin, we can treat the underarms in just 15 seconds, the back in one minute, and arms and legs in 1.5 minutes and three minutes, respectively. 

Following each treatment, you will notice less hair and a reduction of hair thickness. BARE HR’s speedy and effective treatment also makes it affordable. The total cost of laser hair removal is generally associated with the length of treatment and the number of treatments that may be needed. BARE HR™ reduces the time spent at our practice, and the results bear out BARE HR’s exceptional performance and efficiency – Hairy arms can be smooth and silky within two months and just three treatments. Likewise, legs can be hair-free in as little as three treatment sessions. *Individual results will vary. 

What are you waiting for?! Limitations on laser technology no longer dictate how and when you get hair-free skin and a carefree lifestyle without costly, messy, and painful shaving, waxing, tweezing, and depilatory creams. Experience the latest and greatest in laser-assisted permanent hair removal. Call Seriously Skin, Cosmetic & Laser Medicine at (440) 499-7145 to schedule an appointment with one of our exceptional providers in Chagrin Falls.

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