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Cleveland, Ohio patients with fine lines and wrinkles, smile lines, laugh lines, and crow’s feet are often concerned about their appearance. Everyone wants to look their best, but the signs of aging can cause unwanted changes to the face. Instead of considering invasive plastic surgery to lift and pull the skin, many patients prefer the discreet yet effective improvement of skin’s texture with the use of injectables.

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There are several types of injectables available to reduce the signs of aging, but the most popular line is dermal fillers. At Seriously Skin, we offer a wide variety of fillers, including Juvéderm. Juvéderm is very popular, as it is affordable, produces amazing results, and can help in a variety of situations. Improvements from Juvéderm injections can last approximately one year, and patients can receive periodic treatments to maintain the results.

Juvéderm treatment works by injecting volumizing hyaluronic acid into the troublesome lines and wrinkles on the face and can plump these areas for smoother skin. Using Juvéderm, we can address many areas of the face, such as marionette lines, smile lines, and vertical lines. This injectable is FDA approved for cosmetic use. It is safe and comes with very few risks and side effects.

During a consultation with one of our dermatologists at Seriously Skin, patients can learn about the benefits and disadvantages of dermal fillers. Patients will be evaluated to determine if they are a proper candidate for treatment. Patients with a history of severe allergic reactions to bacterial proteins or lidocaine should avoid hyaluronic fillers such as Juvéderm. Patients may experience tenderness and redness at the injection site for up to a few days after treatment, but this is normal. Most patients experience little to no downtime and can resume exercise, sun exposure, and alcoholic beverages 24 hours after their treatment.

If you live in the Cleveland, OH area and you are considering Juvéderm injections, contact our team today to learn about the benefits of each dermal filler and discover which one is best for your unique concerns.

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