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What is the Revanesse Versa filler treatment for Chagrin Falls area patients?

The Revanesse Versa filler is a hyaluronic acid filler used by the professionals at Seriously Skin Cosmetic and Laser Medicine for concerns with an aging face.

Chagrin Falls, OH area patients ready to address imperfections on the facial area with dermal fillers are encouraged to take the time to learn about treatment with products such as Revanesse Versa.

What is Revanesse Versa filler?

The Revanesse Versa filler is a hyaluronic acid filler used by the professionals at Seriously Skin Cosmetic and Laser Medicine for concerns with an aging face. This filler was developed by a company called Prollenium, which has sent the product through extensive testing to ensure safety and efficiency. This multi-purpose dermal filler has been used by companies since 2002 for the treatment of many issues including:

  • Glabellar lines
  • Marionette lines
  • Lipstick lines
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Forehead folds
  • Nasal bridge augmentation
  • Lip augmentation

The team at Seriously Skin Cosmetic and Laser Medicine provide Revanesse Versa as another option available to their patients outside of the standard, more popular brands such as Juvéderm. Many patients consider treatments such as Revanesse Versa because the results last longer, and the product does not break down nearly as fast as the alternatives. Discussing this treatment and comparing it to other fillers is a consideration during the consultation appointment with our professional staff.

What are the benefits of Revanesse Versa that patients can consider?

Revanesse Versa boasts:

  • Less swelling
  • More precise application
  • Longer-lasting results
  • Natural appearance

This injectable is commonly used for moderate to severe lines and wrinkles on the facial area and continues to be a wonderful option for patients who have considered plastic surgery. Luckily, with dermal fillers such as Revanesse Versa, patients can avoid the cost and risks of having plastic surgery performed and see results with a non-surgical solution. Revanesse Versa is a highly coveted solution for fine lines, wrinkles, and facial augmentation when compared to others currently on the market.

Who is a candidate for Revanesse Versa?

Most candidates are individuals over the age of 22 who are struggling with early signs of aging through fine lines and wrinkles or volume loss. Patients may also want to use Revanesse Versa to revitalize their lips, adding volume and definition. This is one of the most common reasons patients use Revanesse Versa, because the hyaluronic acid filler is thinner and easier to disperse than other brands. This makes it perfect for areas where precision is important, such as the lower and upper lip area.

Ready to learn more about Revanesse Versa filler?

Call Seriously Skin Cosmetic and Laser Medicine at (440) 499-7145 to contact our Chagrin Falls, OH team and discuss the advantages of moving forward with fillers such as this. Our practice, located at 154 Bell Street, helps patients in the community who are ready to turn back time with non-surgical solutions. Revanesse Versa is just one of many dermal fillers readily available in our practice, and we can ensure patients will find a solution that best fits their specific desires.

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