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Veingogh Spider Vein Treatment at Seriously Skin, Cleveland

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Patients in the Chagrin Falls or Cleveland, Ohio areas who are struggling with aesthetic concerns including spider veins and telangiectasia may be excited to learn about the Veingogh vein treatment using Bristle technology. This Ohmic Thermolysis System offers a superior way of treating telangiectasia and lower limb spider veins without laser therapy. Instead, Veingogh treatment utilizes thermocoagulation to eliminate problematic veins. Veingogh has received FDA approval and can provide dramatic results quickly and affordably.

The Veingogh uses a high voltage, high frequency energy that delivers fine, pinpoint cauterization of the blood vessels. It coagulates the blood and collapses the blood vessel. This results in immediate reduction of the vein. This is not laser therapy or sclerotherapy. This technology works differently to help eradicate facial veins and spider veins on the lower limbs. It takes a steady, trained hand to administer, and should be done by an aesthetician or physician who has the experience in providing accurate, precise injections to properly administer treatment.

Patients can come into Seriously Skin even during their lunch break. In a matter of minutes, patients can enjoy Veingogh treatment and improve their appearance without invasive surgeries or injections. The heat enters into the vein and doesn’t damage the skin, leaving no marks, just immediate results. Most patients can benefit from just one appointment and enjoy long-lasting results. This treatment can be used on skin of all types and focuses directly on the veins of concern without affecting the surrounding skin.

At Seriously Skin, we work hard to provide some of the latest dermatological technologies that allow our patients to look and feel their best and treat a wide variety of skin concerns with effective, affordable therapies. Veingogh is just one of many specialized devices used in our state-of-the-art facility to provide our patients with only the best dermatology has to offer.

If you are interested in learning more about the recently FDA approved device called Veingogh, contact the team of Seriously Skin today to book an initial consultation appointment and find out if this treatment is the vein solution you have been waiting for!

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Veingogh Spider Vein Treatment Cleveland at Seriously Skin Cosmetic and Laser Medicine, OH

Lisette is here today Along with Doctor Gordon in the exam area. Welcome was that. That’s true. I’m doctor Travis was at such a lovely lady, but I mean, take a Look at this this. This is a, a, pretty prominent Facial vein that you see. She really has it in that in that one spot and it shows So, we have a great new treatment. Vein go, how do you like that name. I love That and not pretty cool. Play up on vein go? How does it work? A real fine needlepoint apparatus that I have here. High voltage, high frequency, pinpoint cauterization of the blood of the blood vessels. What Is it doing? Its coagulating the blood, collapsing that blood vessel. Okay, Lizette Scott got facial veins. This can be used in any part of the body and. Typically you only need one treatment. So, immediate results. Immediate results. Does that excite you? That’s amazing. So, what I’m going to do, Travis, I’m going to start and what I do I put, I put the, the, applicator right on the vein. I put a little pressure do You see that blanching? So cool. Lizette, are you doing, Okay? I can hardly feel it. You’re going to be very happy with that. So, so Travis, I’m not, you know, compared to other vein techniques, this is not, sclerotherapy. This is not laser therapy, but I’m actually pinpoint, Eradicating the vein, do you see that vein? And that will never come back. It Should not. So, I have to move 1 1/2 millimetres on each one of these little treatments. We don’t want to rush for Lizette. We want this perfect. No, not at all. Want this? And so, this is a treatment, though you could come into the office. We want this purpose. During your lunch break. And justice like that. You have to have a little patience, obviously. So many. Are you? Are you all seeing This on the screen because if you’re watching this at home, do you see the whole? Just like that, Up the whole upper half of that gone, and we’re not done yet. And then we’re going to get this where You want it to be and I can’t wait to show everyone the before and after and this is literally in a matter of minutes. We’re getting there. Like I said, it’s a new product, but it is available in most parts of the country and you can go online and find out who in your area has the, the, Vein go system. Literally, that vein is collapsing on itself because it’s that, that blood in the vein that you’re seeing with those unsightly facial veins and it’s collapsing, isn’t it. Almost there. The minute that vein is collapsed, it’s no longer visible. The heat is going into the vein and it’s not damaging the, the, skin per say and That’s what’s different with this. And you barely feel this. I am Surprised, I can barely feel it. Well, the needle is so small. Almost this. That’s why I’m wearing my glasses. In fact, sometimes I wear microsurgical loops to do this. Wow, do you see that? You know what? Got your Travis? I, I, want to, I want to Pull up your, before photo and do a live squid so everyone Can see how Incredible is procedures, so let’s pull up the before in a side by side after. Wow, now everyone else Gets to see it, but you, right? Right now, Well, that’s no fair. Well, I think we have a mirror somewhere there. Maybe you’re sitting on the mirror. So, there it is. Why don’t you sit Up for us on the mirror. You want to hold the. Mirror, I’m going to pull Your hair back. Do you see that? Wow, where that vein used to Be right there. It’s vanished. You know, there’s just slight white tinge to it, but. That that’ll clear up. Oh, that’s going to go away in in in 24 hours or so looks really. It’s gone. Do we have a happy customer? It’s amazing. Very happy. Well, thank you for being here. Good job, Jeff Gordon, great Work as always, my friend.

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