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Cellulite treatment options for Cleveland area residents

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Cellulite is a common problem experienced by at least 85% of women during their lifespan. While some patients believe it is an issue caused by excess fat on the body, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, cellulite is caused by tight fibrous bands underneath the skin that result in fat cells puckering through. This develops the dimpling appearance that women hate to see on their thighs and buttocks. Over the years, there have been many so-called “treatments” for cellulite. These options may have included massage or topical creams applied to the skin to allegedly reduce the appearance … Continue reading

Permanent cellulite treatment near Cleveland

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Cellulite affects over 3/4 of women in the United States. This common condition is characterized by uneven fat deposits in the buttocks or thighs that can appear lumpy, bulging, or dimpled. For years, there have been many treatments on the market to address cellulite, but most of them are temporary. At Seriously Skin, we offer patients a permanent and minimally invasive way to reduce cellulite with CelluSmooth. CelluSmooth uses laser technology to burst, melt, and tighten cellulite. The burst, or high-energy, mode uses lasers pulses underneath the skin to “burst” through the fibrous bands responsible for dimpling of the skin. … Continue reading

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