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Cellulite treatment options for Cleveland area residents

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Cellulite is a common problem experienced by at least 85% of women during their lifespan. While some patients believe it is an issue caused by excess fat on the body, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, cellulite is caused by tight fibrous bands underneath the skin that result in fat cells puckering through. This develops the dimpling appearance that women hate to see on their thighs and buttocks.

Over the years, there have been many so-called “treatments” for cellulite. These options may have included massage or topical creams applied to the skin to allegedly reduce the appearance of cellulite. Unfortunately, none of these work because they don’t target the fibrous bands that cause the cellulite to appear. Thankfully, there is an FDA-approved treatment option that is available to patients in the Cleveland area at Seriously Skin called CelluSmooth.

CelluSmooth is a laser therapy that works at breaking down these tight fibrous bands that cause cellulite, therefore addressing the problem at its core. Our team of professionals can use this laser treatment on the skin to create less dimpling and a smoother appearance to the thighs and buttocks that patients may believe is impossible to achieve!

There are other treatments out there for cellulite such as Cellulaze, but the CelluSmooth treatment far surpasses the results achieved with this alternative treatment. CelluSmooth has lower complication rates, the ability to tighten the skin in the area, and can be used practically anywhere on the body where lumpy skin is a problem. Treatment is fast and patients will be able to enjoy it without anesthetics and get back to their normal activities the following day.

The results achieved with CelluSmooth can last a long time, and patients will be able to undergo several treatment sessions if they desire to enjoy continued results from this laser therapy. Patients can discuss cost and book treatment times when speaking with our team.

If you reside in or around the area of Cleveland and want to learn more about CelluSmooth for the treatment of cellulite, contact Seriously Skin today to book a consultation appointment with our team of professionals. Our boutique medi-spa offers cosmetic and laser skin solutions for both men and women.

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