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Dysport at Seriously Skin, Chagrin Falls

Dysport Neuromodulators, such as Dysport, are extremely popular with patients who want to enhance their appearance. Injectables such as these can help smooth lines, wrinkles, and folds on the upper third of the face and provide beautiful, long-term benefits. Plastic surgery procedures such as a traditional facelift carry a number of risks, as well as necessary recovery time and an extraordinary cost. This makes it unattainable for many. However, moderate to severe folds can be addressed with the use of injectables such as Dysport.

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Dysport is a brand of neuromodulator similar to Botox and Xeomin. These are used to inject into areas of the face where lines and wrinkles are formed due to repeated muscular movement. The muscles are relaxed and contractions are reduced, decreasing the wrinkles in the skin. This can result in patients having a more youthful appearance.
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Dysport is FDA approved. It has been used since 1991 for therapeutic use, and it was approved for cosmetic use in 2001 in the United States. Many patients love the benefits it can provide and enjoy choosing it to reduce the unwanted signs of aging. It also has a history of use for medical conditions such as cervical dystonia, which can cause pain and discomfort of the head and neck.

Seriously Skin offers a wide variety of services for patients who want to target the signs of aging. Neuromodulators are a wonderful way to address muscle-related lines and wrinkles. Dermal fillers can plump deeper lines and folds, and collagen stimulators can be used to provide long-term results for a more youthful appearance. All of these can be used together to offer patients a way to slow the signs of aging and look younger!

Patients located in the Cleveland, Ohio area can visit our practice to learn more about injectables such as Dysport. Working with a doctor who has helped thousands of patients improve their appearance with neuromodulators, dermal fillers, and collagen stimulators is the best way to achieve a more desirable look and reduce the telltale signs of aging.


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Very happy with my results

"The doctor is very personable, I'm very happy with my results and my treatment."
Seriously Skin Cosmetic and Laser Medicine
Rating : 5 5 Stars
"The Dr. was very competent and personable."
Seriously Skin Cosmetic and Laser Medicine
Rating : 5 5 Stars
"Everyone in the office helped answer our questions. Dr. Kish is very knowledgeable and straightforward. We will definitely go back!"
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