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What fat removal treatment options are available to Cleveland area patients?

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Patients in and around the area of Cleveland often want to achieve better body contours but want to avoid the cost, risks, and downtime associated with traditional means of achieving these results such as plastic surgery. This is why the team at Seriously Skin encourages patients to learn about alternative treatment options for the reduction of fat. Alternatives such as CoolSculpting have become incredibly popular with patients seeking a less invasive way of enhancing their body.

CoolSculpting is commonly done for patients who are interested in enhancing their body’s natural shape. Patients with unwanted fat in areas such as the abdomen may want to drop a dress size or pant size in a way that they have been unable to achieve by diet and exercise. The team of Seriously Skin encourages patients to learn about CoolSculpting as another way of achieving a more attractive look.

CoolSculpting is done with cryolipolysis, a method of essentially “freezing” the fat cells and allowing them to be naturally flushed through the body’s system. The freezing is done with special panels that cool the skin down to a specific temperature that is safe for the skin but can destroy the fat cells deep underneath. These panels suction in the skin and patients rest while the machine reduces the temperature to the point where changes will occur.

Cleveland area patients who want to enhance their appearance and do so without the stress and expense of traditional plastic surgery are welcome to contact the team of Seriously Skin to educate themselves on the advantages of CoolSculpting. This treatment is readily available for patients who are seeking options when it comes to addressing unwanted fat on the body.

Men and women who consider procedures such as CoolSculpting are encouraged to understand the procedure. They should have realistic expectations regarding what can be accomplished with CoolSculpting. For mild to moderate fat reduction, CoolSculpting may be a welcome technique.

Contact Seriously Skin today to make an appointment and find out more about CoolSculpting and other body sculpting services available in our state-of-the-art practice.

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