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Wrinkled Chest at Seriously Skin, Cleveland

Young Woman While women tend to worry at least a little about how age will affect the skin on their facet the skin on the chest is quite revealing, developing spots, lines, and even deep creases as we age.

Taking advantage of the variety of fillers and injectables aimed at wrinkle reduction on the forehead, around the eyes, the cheeks, and more, many women find that, while more confident, they remain keenly aware of other areas of damaged skin. At Seriously Skin, we believe that feeling your best means possibly addressing multiple concerns and multiple areas on the body. If you are concerned about wrinkled chest skin, our Cleveland center for cosmetic and laser medicine has solutions you will love.


One of the most impressive developments in aesthetic medicine has been the approval of clinically proven ultrasound technology for the tightening of loose, sagging skin. Ulthera treatments are considered an excellent option for areas including the eyes, jowls, neck, and chest because the precise use of ultrasound produces results without downtime or unpleasant side effects.

Ulthera is the choice treatment for many men and women who want to maintain their youthful appearance without the hassle or risk of cosmetic surgery. Since the chest is a very different surface than the face, one may not consider the same treatment options, such as injectables, for this area. Ulthera, on the other hand, is ideal due to its effect beneath the skin. Ulthera is not designed to treat lines or to minimize muscle contractions. Instead, this treatment produces lasting results by increasing the body's natural tendencies to produce collagen and elastin.

After just one Ulthera treatment, natural stores of these substances will increase in the treatment area. As collagen and elastin provide support to the skin, the appearance gradually improves over several months.

Laser treatments for beautiful skin

The use of laser technology in aesthetic medicine allows our team to address multiple concerns simultaneously. Laser treatments are designed around the individual and they can produce not only tighter, supple skin, but also skin that glows and radiates health and vitality. Seriously Skin employs various lasers for sagging skin, hyperpigmentation, and other concerns. In consultation with your provider, you can learn which device will best achieve your goals for brighter, tighter skin.

When addressing the signs of aging, it is important to look beyond the face. Call Seriously Skin in Cleveland today to learn how we can help you look and feel your best.


Seriously Skin Cosmetic and Laser Medicine
Rating : 5 5 Stars

Very happy with my results

"The doctor is very personable, I'm very happy with my results and my treatment."
Seriously Skin Cosmetic and Laser Medicine
Rating : 5 5 Stars
"The Dr. was very competent and personable."
Seriously Skin Cosmetic and Laser Medicine
Rating : 5 5 Stars
"Everyone in the office helped answer our questions. Dr. Kish is very knowledgeable and straightforward. We will definitely go back!"
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