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I have been to seriously skin several times for different treatments. After years of dealing with issues that I was too nervous to address, I finally decided to call and make an appointment. Upon entering the spa for the first time, I was greeted by a very helpful staff. The spa has a calm and relaxing feel to it, from the smells to the sounds of the music. The staff makes each customer feel like they are special. Dr. Kish is amazing and extremely knowledgeable, she takes the time to explain things and has a very gentle way of treating you. Overall my experiences have been wonderful and I highly recommend seriously skin to anyone thinking about treating themselves! ~ Danielle G.
I saw Dr. Kish today and could not of been happier. Dr. Kish and staff were very professional courteous and made me feel that my questiions were important. All my questions were answered in detail and discussed other possible treatments without being pushy or even necessary. The office itself was welcoming clean and very comfortable. Upon arrival i was offered a beverage while I waited, my appointment was at 945 and was seen promptly at my scheduled time. I would highly recommend and cant wait to go back and get other treatments done. Also the cost was very comparable to those in the area if not slightly better as they offer specials often. ~ Sherry G.
I went in for my very first treatment. I had lost a lot of volume in my cheeks after losing weight and just generally aging and had finally decided on some facial fillers. I had a overall positive experience. The office is clean and attractive and the front desk staff was pleasant and welcoming. You first meet with a coordinator whom you go over your concerns. I did not feel pressured to purchase services I did not come for. Then I met Dr. Kish who was kind and professional (and Beautiful I might add). She completed the injections and I experience little to no discomfort. I only had one tiny little bruise. She did mention that my results were good but that I may want to consider some additional botox in the area. Again, did not feel pressured. I opted to not do the botox that day and to wait and see how I felt about the results. I did some additional research and decided to give it a shot. Two weeks later I went back and had some additional injections under eye, crows feet, and my chin to treat the "orange peel" chin I have always hated. She was so right. A little bit of botox just made the results perfect. I'm really happy with my results and will continue see Dr. Kish and the staff at Seriously Skin. ~ Michelle B.
I have already started the cool sculpting getting ready for this spring n summer and I couldn't be happier!! The staff is wonderful and made me feel comfortable n relaxed. Thanks ladies I will continue to keep coming back, next I will be getting Botox! ~ Sam T.
I feel like I am in great hands with Dr. Kish. She alleviates my fears/concerns, understand my needs and works to give me the results that I am pleased with. It keeps me coming back again and again. ~ Kat D.
By far, this has beat the best experience I have ever had!! I have been to a few “Botox” specialists and the Seriously Skin office professionals are the best! They welcomed me, kept me informed throughout my visit and were very through with the explanation and cost of my services. Very comfortable atmosphere! I definitely will be back. ~ Christine C.
Absolutely love going here! Dr. Kish makes me feel so much more confident about myself and with the procedures I have done I continue to look natural and just younger! All the girls there are awesome and are making turning 40 for me much less painful and actually fun. Thanks so much girls..I recommend botox and filler you wont regret it :) ~ Bella C.
Regarding the coolsculpting, I have had multiple areas done and would like to do a second treatment in a couple areas. Initially, I was skeptical but I am proof of its success. I was incredibly impressed with the loose skin in the upper arm (triceps) and how the results were noticeable to me and others. I love that it is non-invasive with no downtime. ~ Lynette P.
Dr. Kish is the best! She always remembers me and knows my specific needs. I would highly recommend her to anyone! ~ Kiki W.
I really like my first coolsculpting treatment results! My stomach is now very flat when standing up. The tech at Seriously Skin was very attentive and sweet and she and I had a lot in common! The clinic is comfortable and well decorated. This is the best clinic I have been to for coolsculpting. My follow up visit with photos occurs this Thursday, October 26. I'd love a second treatment to freeze the remaining fat before my vacation to Antigua in February with my boyfriend. I want to look extra special because I am hoping for a big question.... :) ~ Suzanne H.
Really great experience! I felt comfortable with the staff from consultation to treatment and Dr. Jennifer Kish was awesome, she knew exactly what I wanted and her results with my lip injections have gotten so many compliments!! Thank you ladies I have already recommended your services to all my friends on Facebook and Instagram ~ Alyssa B.
Dr. Jennifer Kish & her entire staff are amazing to me. From my very first visit to each and every time I go in for my treatments they are all so professional and at the same time so warm and welcoming. All the girls make me feel like family. Dr.Kish has done an excellent job keeping me looking natural but with the upgrades I love more and more every visit! Dr. pays great attention to what I say I want but at the same time she is an expert at what she does so she makes sure we do what is realistic to my face and works with me to get me the happy results. I love this place and I always look forward to going back. Thank you ladies! :) ~ Rocky R.
Recently, I decided to take the jump and get some filler and also have a tattoo removed. Seriously Skin provided me with an opportunity to do both and in a timely and professional fashion. Jennifer Kish is a great doctor and my experience was quick and effortless. Happy with my results and will go back when I need more. ~ Jay R.
What a gem in the Cleveland area! I have been getting little facial treatments here and there for a while now but never really finding a doctor that I have felt is there for me. Dr. Kish and her staff of ladies are so warm and caring. What a breath of fresh air to see a group of women who work together in a way to make other women feel uplifted. My botox has never been better and this was my first time I dared to get filler in my cheeks and lips. I feel so much better about the way I look. Thanks so much!! ~ Carol P.
I was referred to Dr. Kish by a friend who always has the most amazing skin. I have always been nervous about doing anything to my face and my husband has never been a fan women who look over done. Dr. Kish and her staff are so professional and take such attention to detail. I am so happy I finally took the plunge! Thank You, Ladies!! ~ Beth F.
The Dr. was very competent and personable. ~ May 30, 2016 Gregory K.
Great place! Felt comfortable. Asked lots of questions and all were answered. Will definitely return. ~ June 19, 2013 Shannon V.
The doctor is very personable, I'm very happy with my results and my treatment ~ May 13, 2016 Tabitha M.
Great doctor, thank you! ~ June 13, 2013 Mary B.
Everyone in the office helped answer our questions. Dr. Kish is very knowledgeable and straightforward. We will definitely go back! ~ May 13, 2016 Rina D.
Very friendly and reasonably priced ~ June 12, 2013 Gerry S.
Definitely more than what I expected. The ladies were really nice and very knowledgeable. ~ December 17, 2013 Lucy W.
Great staff, great results. I look forward to going back. ~ December 17, 2013 Jamie K.
The Dr. was great! Really down to earth and made you feel comfortable even though it was such a swanky office. Nice staff too! ~ October 31, 2013 Gloria E.
Just had the Dysport injected today! Great options for wrinkles as well as skin resurfacing and hair removal. Very professional! ~ October 03, 2013 Lorraine S.
The physician was very thorough and took her time explaining and answering every question I ask. The time she spent with me made me feel important. I would highly recommend this place to everyone. ~ October 02, 2013 Veronica A.
Great experience. Staff were friendly and helpful. ~ August 13, 2013 Chantelle M.
The entire staff was lovely and very helpful in outlining the goals I am striving for. They explained the exact process in detail and the probable hopeful outcomes. Dr. Kish was an absolute angel. I loved the whole experience. ~ August 07, 2013 Stephanie B.
Very pleasant and friendly staff. ~ July 17, 2013 Amy G.
Very friendly and professional. ~ July 11, 2013 Annie K.
I had never been to Seriously Skin and didn't even know they existed. When I went there, everyone was so polite, kind, and very knowledgeable. I am very pleased with the results from the service I had and will more than likely go back even though it is over an hour drive. ~ July 10, 2013 Natalie K.
I had never been to Seriously Skin and didn't even know they existed. When I went there, everyone was so polite, kind, and very knowledgeable. I am very pleased with the results from the service I had and will more than likely go back even though it is over an hour drive. ~ July 10, 2013 Natalie K.
Excellent physician! ~ July 02, 2013 Julie D.
I will definitely be back!!! ~ June 21, 2013 Helen W.
Very knowledgeable staff, friendly atmosphere, no pressure, very informative ~ June 20, 2013 Clara C.
They are incredibly professional and friendly. The entire staff is knowledgeable about the services they provide. Dr. Jennifer Kish is phenomenal at what she does and very confident. ~ June 20, 2013 Martha H.
Friendly, informative and work is done well. ~ June 12, 2013 Susan B.
Great experience and I will go back! ~ June 12, 2013 Stewart B.
I loved what they did for me!!! ~ June 12, 2013 Tanya L.
Excellent service. Highly recommend ~ June 12, 2013 Kelvin C.
Microdermabrasion was excellent. ~ June 12, 2013 Bernadeth K.
Great doctors, nice staff. Beautiful and clean ~ May 14, 2013 Sharon G.
The technician who performed our microdermabrasions was EXCELLENT. She answered all our questions about the procedure as well as other services offered by the medi-spa. Strongly recommend. It was great! 3 days later and my skin still feels and looks amazing! ~ May 11, 2013 Katie M.
I do buy another service at this place ~ May 08, 2013 Jeremy K.
They are sophisticated and polite. They did not push other products or appointments. ~ April 16, 2013 Megan L.
Beautifully decorated location, lovely music and relaxing atmosphere. Very professional staff and the doctor was very nice. Highly recommend. ~ April 11, 2013 Linda J.
Staff were very nice and the facility was clean. I was given a thorough presentation of what they were about to do and what to expect when they were finished. I will be returning! ~ April 10, 2013 Rachel N.
Very happy with the results, & staff was great! ~ April 10, 2013 Diane C.
Loved them! Calling for another appointment ASAP!! ~ April 10, 2013 Angela G.
Great place. I try new treatments with Groupons! ~ April 04, 2013 Barbara W.
I will go back again & recommend (Seriously Skin) to my friends ~ March 28, 2013 Joanna B.
The ladies were so friendly and helpful! ~ March 27, 2013 Kim N.
I was very impressed with the staff and pleased with my treatment. ~ March 26, 2013 Jennifer A.
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