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Professional in Chagrin Falls, OH offers methods for spider vein and varicose vein removal

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At Seriously Skin Cosmetic and Laser Medicine, Chagrin Falls, OH area patients can obtain a variety of general, cosmetic, and medical solutions for their skin, hair, nails, and body. A common concern for many patients is visible or painful veins. Small red veins on the skin, typically seen on the facial area, may be referred to as spider veins. They are not uncomfortable but can be unsightly and difficult to cover with makeup. Varicose veins are diseased veins often seen in the legs that are large, distinct, and often painful. Patients in the area who are interested in visiting a professional to learn about methods of removal for spider veins and varicose veins are welcome to schedule an appointment at Seriously Skin Cosmetic and Laser Medicine to learn more about the benefits of laser therapy and sclerotherapy.

Why treat spider veins and varicose veins?

For some patients, the treatment of veins on the face or body is more of a cosmetic concern. For others who have conditions such as varicose veins, the veins can become painful and make it difficult to stand or walk. Treatment can be done whether it’s necessary or cosmetic at our practice with one of two methods – laser therapy or sclerotherapy:

  • Laser therapy – one of the more popular methods for spider and varicose vein removal is laser therapy. With today’s technology, lasers are becoming extremely useful in many different procedures. Laser light can be used to treat several conditions, including veins. This treatment is done over more than one treatment session and provides gradual results. However, it is effective and does not damage the surrounding tissues. The laser light is set to a specific wavelength for treatment, and the heat from the light destroys the vein and allows the vein to be absorbed into the body. The blood in the vein is redirected to healthier veins. Patients love this comfortable and needle-free option for the treatment of veins, though they need to understand that the results are more gradual than with sclerotherapy. Spider veins are better suited for laser treatment because they are smaller and respond better than varicose veins.
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  • Sclerotherapy – another option for patient consideration is sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy is a procedure that is used to treat larger veins, typically varicose veins. This method of removal requires the professional to inject through a needle a sclerosing medication. The injection is done directly into the vein of concern. This destroys the vein and closes it up, allowing the blood in the vein to be redirected and the vein to absorb into the body over the course of several weeks. This can not only eliminate the vein itself but eliminate pain and discomfort that patients with varicose veins in the leg often complain of.

Which treatment is right for me?

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Many patients who visit our practice are unsure as to which treatment to choose. With the help of our professionals, patients can undergo an initial evaluation and consultation to determine the best possible solution for their specific needs. In most cases, patients who have spider veins will benefit greatly from laser therapies, while patients with varicose veins are often better suited for traditional sclerosing methods. The area of the body in which the veins are present will also be considered when it comes to deciding which solution is best.

Are results permanent?

Because laser therapy and sclerotherapy destroy the veins, they are both permanent solutions to a patient’s problem. This does not mean that new veins will not become problematic, but these can be addressed in the same manner in the future if needed.

Ready to discuss methods of removal for spider and varicose veins?

Connect with the team at Seriously Skin Cosmetic and Laser Medicine today to learn about the benefits of laser therapy or sclerotherapy to address painful or unsightly veins on the legs or facial area. Our practice is conveniently located at 154 Bell Street in Chagrin Falls, OH and can be reached by phone at (440) 499-7145.

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