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Sculptra Frequently Asked Questions

At Seriously Skin, we understand our patients may have many questions about Sculptra. Here are some of the most commonly asked concerns we see from men and women who visit our practice for dermatological services such as Sculptra injections.

How much does it cost for Sculptra injections?

The costs associated with Sculptra may vary depending on many factors, including how many treatments are done, the number of vials used by the physician during each treatment, how much correction is necessary, the fees of the physician, and any discounts which may be offered at the time. The cost necessary for Sculptra injections is tailored to the needs of each individual, so it is important to speak with our team about the individual cost necessary to address your concerns.

Is Sculptra less expensive than alternative anti-aging solutions?

It can be difficult to compare the cost of various facial rejuvenation procedures because there are many things to consider, including the amount of injectables needed, the number of treatments, and the length of time in which they last. However, in most cases, patients will compare how long they can enjoy the benefits of Sculptra versus other solutions. Patients interested in determining the best anti-aging solution for their needs can ask their physician about the various methods available to discuss cost and longevity.

Does Seriously Skin run special offers on injectables?

There are times in which our office may run special rebates or discounts on our injectable treatments, so it is important to stay in touch with us to find out when these specials arise.

During my initial appointment with Seriously Skin, what are some important questions I should ask my physician?

During the consultation appointment with our dedicated dermatological team, we want to learn about the concerns you have in regards to your skin. We believe that there is an anti-aging solution available to you that will give you the appearance you want without surgical intervention. Patients are encouraged to speak with their physician about what they should expect before, during, and after their treatments, and ask about ways to maintain the results they have achieved.

What do most patients want in their anti-aging treatment?

Most patients want long-lasting results that appear gradually. This is what makes Sculptra one of the best injectables for patients who want to turn back the hands of time for up to two years. Individual results may vary, so it is important for patients to speak openly and candidly with their physician in regards to Sculptra and other anti-aging treatments available.

In what areas of the face can Sculptra be injected?

Sculptra is typically used in areas such as the chin, around the mouth, and to reduce the smile lines (also known as nasolabial folds) that form between the nose and mouth.

Is Sculptra safe?

Sculptra has been approved by the FDA in the United States and has been used for over a decade in other countries. It is fabricated from a synthetic material referred to as poly-L-lactic acid which is absorbed by the body naturally over time. Some patients may experience mild side effects which are short-term, including discomfort, bruising, redness, and swelling at the injection site.

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