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Reveal your best skin with state-of-the-art medical spa services

Medical Spa Services in Chagrin Falls Area

Hyperpigmentation due to fun in the sun, lines around our eyes and mouth due to years of smiling and laughter, scars from past injuries… all of these are examples of how our skin tells the story of our lives. If you are unhappy with one or more aspects of your skin when you look in the mirror, you are not alone. Fortunately, there are more minimally invasive options than ever before to revitalize your appearance. At Seriously Skin Cosmetic and Laser Medicine in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, we offer a comprehensive array of medical spa services designed to reveal your best skin and boost your confidence. 

Medical spa services tailored to your unique needs

Most people are familiar with the treatments offered at day spas, such as massages, nail treatments, and facials. As a medical spa, we take these offerings a step further by providing medical-grade procedures designed to rejuvenate your skin, hair, and face, all within a relaxing spa-like atmosphere, so you leave our office feeling calm and revitalized. 

Our skilled team of licensed medical professionals, laser technicians, and estheticians works closely with each patient to design a treatment plan based on their unique skin needs and goals. We provide a wide variety of advanced body and facial services.

Laser therapies for your skin and hair

We are equipped with the latest laser technologies that harness the power of light energy to truly transform your skin and hair. This includes, among others:

Injectable treatments 

In the last several years, the number of patients receiving injectable treatments has grown exponentially, and for a good reason. While neuromodulators designed to treat wrinkles (Botox) were the first type of injectable to become a household name, patients can now benefit from injectables for a broad array of concerns ranging from acne and low energy to cellulite, loose skin, and lost volume. We can also use injectables to subtly enhance your facial contours for stunning, yet natural-looking results.

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Your best skin, hair, and body

Lasers and injectables are just the beginning. With our expert care and results-focused therapies, we can treat many skin and body conditions so you can feel confident in any situation. This includes issues such as:

  • acne
  • hemangiomas
  • scars
  • thinning eyelashes
  • unwanted cellulite
  • visible veins
  • rosacea
  • loose, sagging skin
  • wrinkles
  • hyperpigmentation
  • unwanted tattoos
  • body contouring and fat reduction

… and much more.

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At Seriously Skin Cosmetic & Laser Medicine, we are committed to providing a wholly customized patient experience to help you achieve the best possible results. We perform an in-depth consultation to learn about your aesthetic goals, medical history, and treatment preferences and never pressure you into any treatment. Together, we will formulate the best medical spa treatment plan for your unique needs. To schedule your consultation, call our Chagrin Falls office today at (440) 499-7145!

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Our name says it all~ we take the youthfulness and vitality of your skin very seriously. At Seriously Skin, our expertise is reflected in the cutting edge technology and procedures we use to achieve your end result: beautiful and healthy skin.

State of the art laser treatments, Coolsculpting, and an array of aesthetic services are only the beginning. Combined with a healthy lifestyle, we will help you turn back time on your aging skin by revealing a more youthful you.

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