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Professional in Chagrin Falls, OH describes laser tattoo removal and how it works

professional at Seriously Skin Cosmetic and Laser Medicine about the advantages of laser tattoo removal

Patients in Chagrin Falls, OH who regret getting a tattoo may be worried about having it for the rest of their lives. When men and women are interested in removal of their tattoos, they may want to ask a professional at Seriously Skin Cosmetic and Laser Medicine about the advantages of laser tattoo removal. Working with our team, patients can learn how it works and determine if it can help them in full removal of their tattoo, avoiding the need for coverup work to be done by a tattoo artist.

What is laser tattoo removal and how does it work?

The best way to describe laser tattoo removal is as a cosmetic treatment that uses laser energy to break down the inks from tattoos to result in fading. Laser lights can target the specific inks that are used in tattoos and break them down. Doing so allows the body to naturally absorb and flush them out of the body in a natural manner. This can result in a slow fading of the tattoo that eventually eliminates it from the skin entirely. Laser tattoo removal can be used on patients of all skin types and ethnicities, while in the past, it could only be used on patients with lighter skin tones. Thanks to advances in skin treatments, laser light is now available to help all patients!

What can I expect during my laser tattoo session?

First, it is important that patients understand that it does require several treatment sessions. One session will not be sufficient in providing removal. It may result in some fading of the tattoo, but not elimination. This is because it takes time for the inks to break down and some inks may be more stubborn than others when it comes to reducing their appearance. During treatment sessions, our team will administer a topical anesthetic on the skin. This numbs the area and improves patient comfort throughout their procedure. Then, the professional uses a specialized laser device that administers the light into the skin in small bursts. Some patients experience a “snapping” sensation on their skin. The entire area is treated with the laser light during the treatment session. Patients are given aftercare instructions and can schedule their next session a week or two later. Several sessions are often required for full results, which take time to occur.

What factors determine how many sessions are needed?

One session alone will not result in full removal. In fact, many sessions are needed for optimum results. There are some factors that will determine how many sessions are need. These include:

  • Quality ink. High quality tattoo ink takes longer for our lasers to break down and may require additional sessions.
  • Ink color. Some colors require fewer sessions for results, while other colors require more.
  • Tattoo age. Older tattoos have been on the skin longer and may take more time to treat than tattoos that are fresher.
  • The larger the tattoo, the longer it will be before full removal is achieved. During each session, our professionals will treat the entire area with complete passes to help in breaking down the inks.

Is laser tattoo removal right for me?

some tattoos may be covered up with a new tattoo using special techniques

While some tattoos may be covered up with a new tattoo using special techniques, this is not the only option patients have in addressing an unwanted tattoo. Our professionals can assess the patients’ skin and the type of tattoo to find out if laser tattoo removal is right for them. There is a cost associated with these treatments, but our front office team can work with patients to develop a payment plan that can make results attainable even on tight budgets.

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