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Cleveland area patients ask, how effective is tattoo removal?

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It used to be that a tattoo was forever. However, times have changed and thanks to dermatological advances, patients in the Cleveland area can now enjoy the benefits of laser tattoo removal. Using special bursts of laser light, the inks in the skin can be broken up into smaller particles and absorbed by the skin—resulting in a faded tattoo.

How effective is tattoo removal? When done correctly, tattoo removal can be highly effective. It can provide a dramatic fading of a dark tattoo or even full removal with several treatment sessions. Patients must understand that just one appointment is not going to provide optimum results. This is because it is a process breaking down the inks in the skin. At Seriously Skin, we recommend that patients book approximately 4-6 appointments to start and to see how the tattoo responds to treatment. Dark, higher quality inks are going to take more appointments than lighter colors or poorer inks used to create the tattoo. The length of time the tattoo has been on the skin may also be an indication of how many appointments are necessary for results.

Laser tattoo removal appointments are scheduled with our team and are relatively short, depending on the size of the area being treated. Obviously a larger tattoo will take more time during each treatment, or patients may be able to focus on separate areas of the tattoo at a time. This will be discussed during the initial consultation appointment with our team. Many treatments are needed, typically several weeks apart, for patients to achieve the most desirable results from laser tattoo removal.

Patients located in and around the Cleveland area are welcome to contact the team of Seriously Skin and speak to a professional about the advantages of laser tattoo removal and whether or not it is appropriate for the specific needs of the patient. We can consult with individuals and discuss the possibility of fading or removing a tattoo by this means and whether or not it will achieve the desired results. Patients should have realistic expectations as to how their skin will look after several treatments.

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