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Halo Laser Post-Care

Halo Laser Post-Care

Our doctor will write you prescriptions for antibiotic and antiviral medications. These are to prevent any infections post-procedure since we are removing your natural skin barrier.

For your home care you will need to purchase Cicalfate cream to use throughout your healing process which is available for purchase at our front desk.

Pre-Treatment Instructions:

Halo Laser Device

The morning of your treatment please wash your face and avoid makeup.

Immediately After Your Procedure:

Your skin will be pinkish to red in color and hot. We will apply Cicalfate cream to keep your skin moist.

You may use cool packs on the back of your neck to help dissipate heat but do not place them directly on the treatment area.

In a few hours you may wash your face with a gentle cleanser free of any fragrance, acids or other additives. Our Doctor recommends Elta MD Foaming Facial Cleanser, which we have available for purchase at the front desk.

Post Treatment:

When You Get Home:

If you added Exosomes to your treatment, they will be placed on the skin immediately after your treatment, in the treatment room. If the entire vial is not used you will be given the rest to apply when you arrive home. Wash hands thoroughly, open the stopper, and place directly on the skin. Once the Exosomes dry, approx. 10-15 minutes, you may apply a thin layer of your recovery creme. Do not wash your face until the next morning. Continue with your recovery creme as directed

The Next Day (DAY 1):

Your skin will begin to feel dry and slightly pink. Continue to apply Cicalfate as needed to keep your skin moist. You may mix your Cicalfate with foundation if needed.

DAY 2:

Skin will begin to turn brown and have a sandy texture as MENDS come to the surface. Continue to use Cicalfate cream as needed and you may apply makeup at this time.

DAY 3:

The central apportion of your face may begin to flake or peel DO NOT scrub to try to speed up the healing process. Continue to use Cicalfate cream as needed and you may continue to apply makeup if desired

DAY 4:

Your face will continue to peel, DO NOT scrub or try to speed up the healing process. Continue to use Cicalfate cream as needed and you may continue to apply makeup if desired.


Follow up with our medical aesthetician to assess proper healing, discuss ways to enhance or maintain your results and make a future plan.

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