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Skin specialists near Cleveland treat stubborn fat in half the time with DualSculpting

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The DualSculpting procedure in Cleveland is an improvement on CoolSculpting, the nonsurgical way to flatten a stubborn paunch or eliminate love handles. Not every skin specialist can offer DualSculpting. Seriously Skin of Chagrin Falls is the only practice in the Cleveland area equipped to offer this approach to noninvasive body and facial contouring with cooling.

The DualSculpting difference

DualSculpting involves treating two areas at the same time. You can get the sculpted body and features of your dreams in half the time at Seriously Skin. The team has invested in the machines and training to treat more than one stubborn trouble area. As the CoolSculpting technology has evolved, additional FDA-cleared applicators have been introduced. These applicators are designed for targeted fatty pockets.

Since the sides are shaped differently than the abdomen and are a different size and shape than the chin, jawline, and neck, the Seriously Skin professionals have the capacity to match a device designed for specific sizes and shapes of treatment areas for optimal sculpting. Plus, due to the variety of devices available in-house, patients of many different sizes and shapes can enjoy the benefits of CoolSculpting or the faster DualSculpting. If you are healthy, within or close to your ideal weight, this approach to localized fat reduction may be in your future.

Investing in your comfort

Not every practice stays on top of the latest technologies introduced by Allergan Aesthetics, the brains behind CoolSculpting. Other practices might suggest invasive procedures to eliminate a double chin, but Seriously Skin’s Cool Mini machine can sculpt a defined jawline without the use of a scalpel, needles, and downtime. Get rid of a double chin and stubborn fat around the middle or other

areas in a visit or two, completed over your lunch hour! Call (440) 499-7145 to experience CoolSculpting/DualSculpting for yourself.

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