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Cleveland patients find the answer to, “Where can I find DualSculpting near me?”

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When Cleveland patients ask, “Where can I find DualSculpting near me?” they arrive at Seriously Skin, which is the area’s only center for this efficient approach to noninvasive body contouring.

CoolSculpting Basics

CoolSculpting treats stubborn pockets of fat. These fatty areas include the love handles, abdomen, and thighs. Some of these areas are even present on younger, fit people. Think about how a double chin may have developed over time or is more visible due to genetics, natural aging, or hormonal changes. While these types of localized lumps and bumps often don’t go away with diet and exercise alone, their fat cells are vulnerable to controlled cooling.

Body sculpting devices

The professionals at Seriously Skin in Chagrin Falls will deliver controlled cold with a device that is designed to isolate the specific area to be treated. Just like the areas that CoolSculpting treats, these FDA-cleared devices are of different sizes and shapes. By investing in various applicators, the professional team can isolate and treat your concerns or trouble areas. More patients can benefit from treatment, because there is sure to be an applicator designed to meet their needs for facial and body contouring.

A better experience

Seriously Skin understands you’d rather be enjoying your new look than spending more time in the treatment chair. Their investments in applicators means two parts of your body can be treated at one time. The use of two devices simultaneously reduces the number of visits and chair time.

Each body is different. Generally, you can see a progressively trimmer silhouette over three to six months as the treated fat cells are crystallized or frozen. Once your body safely processes fat cells, they are gone for good. Call (440) 499-7145.

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