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Double chin removal in Cleveland with Kybella

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While patients’ body contours may be desirable, other issues might make them feel self-conscious about their appearance – the dreaded “double chin.” A double chin is also referred to by professionals as “submental fullness.” This is the presence of excess fat underneath the chin above the neck, underneath the jowl area. If patients do not have a pronounced chin, it may appear as though they have two – hence the name “double chin.” Patients may be of an appropriate body weight but still look heavy in photographs because of this submental fullness. While there are plastic surgery solutions to address this area, surgery is not always a desirable solution.

At Seriously Skin, we provide patients with another way to address this unwanted fat without invasive plastic surgery. Thanks to an injectable approved by the FDA called Kybella, patients can now reduce the fat in this area. This injectable is formulated with deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid is used to destroy fat cells and is manmade. Kybella treatment is done in our office and over the course of several months; results will be seen in the reduction of fat in this area.

Many patients who have had Kybella are extremely happy with the results. They notice through the weeks the gradual improvements. Many patients like this subtle change, as it does not make it readily known that “work was done.” Friends and coworkers may ask if patients are losing weight or state that they look different but they can pinpoint how. This helps in building confidence that these patients may not have had before their procedure, and can greatly enhance personal and business relationships.

Kybella is completely changing the way men and women are viewing the “double chin” as it provides a safe, non-invasive alternative to plastic surgery. If you are considering this treatment, we encourage you to book a consultation appointment in our Cleveland area office to discuss removal of submental fullness. Our practice can provide an initial evaluation to determine if Kybella is right for you!

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