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Does Cleveland spa laser tattoo removal hurt?

People who have spent any time under a tattoo gun understand that the process can be a bit more than mildly uncomfortable. Even with the knowledge that tattooing can hurt at least a little bit, depending on one’s pain threshold; there are millions who go forth and conquer, believing that the unique artwork on their skin will be cherished forever.

For reasons as personal as those that lead to the initial tattoo, many people, at some point, are plagued with regret over marking their skin. Whether it is to reclaim clearer skin or to remove a tattoo that simply no longer has meaning, millions of people around the country have shown an interest in tattoo removal treatment. There are several aspects of tattoo removal to consider. One of the common questions people have is “Does tattoo removal hurt?”

The providers at Seriously Skin in Cleveland regularly consult with clients seeking information about laser tattoo removal. We are happy to provide all the details about treatment so that confidence is felt either in going forward or in choosing to remain “inked” for a little while longer. In response to the issue of discomfort through the actual process, we are happy to report that the use of laser technology in tattoo removal has greatly improved the process as well as the outcome

Seriously Skin performs laser tattoo removal using the most efficient, most comfortable technology available. With the QX MAX and its four different wavelengths of light, we are able to break up a variety of pigments effectively, including blue and red, with relative ease.

The sensation of laser tattoo removal is very similar to that of laser hair removal. As light energy is absorbed by pigment in the skin, a hot snapping sensation may be felt. The discomfort, in the words of many who have received this treatment, is no worse than that of getting a tattoo and, often, pales in comparison. Only about 25 percent of those who have a tattoo removed with laser treatment describe the process as more uncomfortable than their initial tattooing experience.

Whatever your reason for changing your mind about your tattoo, we offer the extent of care that you can rely on to achieve optimal results. Learn more about the laser tattoo procedure in a consultation at Seriously Skin in Cleveland.

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