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Cleveland area practice eliminates fat from many areas with Coolsculpting Mini

woman after coolsculpting fat reduction treatment and sees its effectiveness

Since CoolSculpting was introduced in 2005, millions of treatments have been performed worldwide. The makers of this noninvasive, fat-freezing technique, Allergan Aesthetics, are introducing new applicators so more patients can benefit from treatment.

Seriously Skin is serious about your unique needs

Your clinicians in Chagrin Falls invest in the latest technologies, including Coolsculpting mini, so Cleveland area patients with diverse needs see a noticeable difference in the look of fatty areas that are resistant to diet and exercise.

The beauty of CoolSculpting is Seriously Skin’s professionals isolate and treat targeted areas by using applicators that deliver cool temperatures to stubborn fat. Precise and well-monitored cooling crystallizes the fat cells. Damaged cells are eliminated from the body as a safe and natural part of metabolic process. Patients see a gradually sculpted shape in the weeks and months following treatment. Some patients may see a noticeable difference in their shape in as little as three weeks, but full results may not be seen for six months as cells are eliminated. Other techniques don’t get rid of the fat cells; they merely shrink the fat, so there is always the possibility that these cells can flourish in the treated area again. With CoolSculpting, once the fat is gone it is gone for good.

Different applicators for different areas

Think of how fat under the chin is shaped and sized differently than abdominal, thigh, flank, or back fat. The mini version is specially designed to treat smaller areas. All the applicators work similarly to pull in the targeted tissue to be treated for precise, gentle application of cooling temps. Since Seriously Skin’s professionals have technologies to treat more than one area at a time, you spend less time in the treatment chair and more time enjoying the results! Call (440) 499-7145 to schedule your consultation.

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