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Rid yourself of a double chin with Coolsculpting in the Cleveland area

coolsculpting treatment from, Seriously Skin Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Allergan Aesthetics introduced Coolsculpting as a nonsurgical method to contour stubborn fat. Like love handles, bat wings behind the arms and saddle-bags, double chin can now be treated without the costs and recovery of surgical procedures.

Coolsculpting the chin in Cleveland and the surrounding area is made possible due to Seriously Skin of Chagrin Falls investment in the CoolMini. An applicator specially sized, shaped, and curved, CoolMini fits small problem areas such as the double chin comfortably. This is an important feature; sucking up the problem area for precise application of the cooling temperatures that freeze and ultimately destroy fat cells is fundamental to any treatment with Coolsculpting, a Harvard University-developed device. Once the fat cells are eliminated safely from the body, they’re gone for good, removing up to 23 percent of fat. The same can’t be said for fat loss with exercise alone, which only shrinks cells.

Double chin treatment: A perfect complement

Doctors and researchers call a double chin “submental fullness.” In an American Society for Dermatologic Surgery study, two of every three of the 7,300-plus respondents reported “excess fat under the chin/neck” as their primary cosmetic concern. For these respondents, a double chin was more bothersome than “crow’s feet,” or age spots. Lack of jawline definition is particularly frustrating because it’s rooted in many factors that you can’t control with the usual nutritional and fitness-related solutions. These factors include:

  • Genetics
  • Hormonal changes
  • Aging

As you get older or your weight fluctuates, a double chin may become noticeable for the first time or become more prominent.

Show off your neck

In as little as one to two treatments, CoolMini can effectively eliminate fat and sculpt your jawline without needles, surgery, and downtime. Seriously Skin offers Kybella as another nonsurgical alternative. The skilled specialists evaluate your needs and work within all patients’ budgets and preferences. Call (440) 499-7145 to schedule a consultation.

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