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Experienced dermatologists in Cleveland, OH discuss laser removal of tattoos

woman getting tattoo removed using laser

“I’m going to regret this” is typically not on the mind of the majority of people when they get their tattoo. Unfortunately for some, there regret comes later which leaves them unhappy with their permanent ink. There are many reasons that people come to Seriously Skin in Cleveland, OH seeking tattoo removal. Some people simply feel like their tattoos are no longer a reflection of who they are. Others may feel like it is holding them back in their personal or professional lives. Regardless of the reason, we offer laser tattoo removal at seriously skin.
In the past, patients who wanted to remove an unsightly tattoo would have to use techniques such as dermabrasion, CO2 lasers, or even surgery and skin grafts. Others have been lured in by the promises of tattoo removal creams, which simply do not work.
The laser treatment utilizes little bursts of light to remove tattoos of any color and size. When customizing treatment, we take into account your skin color, type, and the size of the tattoo. The laser breaks down the pigments of the tattoo which are then flushed out naturally by the body. Laser tattoo removal is convenient because it requires only topical anesthetic and leaves little to no scarring.
If you are interested in laser tattoo removal, the first step is to call our office and set up an initial consultation. During this appointment, we will evaluate the tattoo and help come up with a custom treatment plan for removal that is unique to you. The amount of sessions needed varies greatly depending on the color, size, and location of the tattoo. Most patients require somewhere between six and ten treatment session to remove the tattoo. Dark pigments are the most easiest to remove, while light pigments can be harder.
If you want to remove your tattoo, you are not alone. Our team has successfully removed thousands of tattoos so you can count on our skills and experience. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the process and show you a serious of before and after pictures from people who have already undergone the procedure. To learn more about laser tattoo removal, call us today to schedule a consultation.
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