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Cleveland area patients ask how to heal acne scars?

girl with acne scars on her face

While acne itself is a condition that can be embarrassing and troublesome, one of the pitfalls of having active acne is what it can leave behind: acne scars. Acne scars are a common complaint for patients in the Cleveland area who visit Seriously Skin. These divots in the face can be a source of contention for many individuals and can affect the texture of the skin. When men and women visit us to learn about how to heal acne scars, they are often informed that there is no way to “heal” them as they are a scar from the past that has already healed.
However, this doesn’t mean that patients have to live with these unsightly scars. Thanks to advances in dermal fillers, many patients will find that they can use these injectable treatment to reduce the depth of scars and provide smoother skin. These injectables are administered by our professionals directly into the scars to add hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occurring sugar in the skin that attracts water, and once injected, it can add volume. This volume reduces the depth of the acne scar and thus allows the patient to enjoy smoother skin and less noticeable imperfections.
Acne scars may also be improved by other treatments such as chemical peels or microdermabrasion. The team of Seriously Skin encourages patients with acne scars to contact our practice and book a consultation appointment and examination to find out if they can benefit from treatments available through our dermatological office. We may suggest dermal filler injections or even other treatment options depending on the severity of the condition and the budget of the patient.
If you live in or around the Cleveland community and want to find out how to address acne scars that have healed, contact our team today at Seriously Skin to book a complimentary consultation appointment. We can educate men and women on the methods of treatment available and help them make a knowledgeable decision regarding the care and attention of their skin. We work closely with our patients to ensure they have the guidance they need through their journey for healthier, more attractive looking skin.
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