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CoolSculpting procedure offers Cleveland patients a comfortable experience with nonsurgical fat reduction

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You can comfortably freeze away fat to reveal a slimmer physique. Seriously Skin is the only center in the Cleveland area to offer the CoolSculpting procedure and DualSculpting to cut treatment time in half. CoolSculpting Before Localized pockets of fat tend to stick around no matter how hard you exercise or how well you eat. Love handles, bat wings behind the arms, saddle bags, and abdominal and back fat are among the areas that don’t respond well to diet and exercise, but do respond well to advanced treatment approaches that use outside stimuli to affect fat cells. CoolSculpting During Seriously … Continue reading

How residents in the Cleveland area can benefit from noninvasive fat reduction treatment

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The battle of the bulge is very real, and it is a challenge that most Americans face. In some cases, the problem is obesity, overall excess weight. In other cases, the issue is more about inches than pounds. Diet and exercise might make the numbers on the scales go down, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to a reduction in dimensions. CoolSculpting is a noninvasive treatment designed to address this exact problem. Weight loss vs. fat reduction: What is the difference? Fat Reduced Girl in bikini Fat cells function as storage containers within the body. The number of cells does not … Continue reading

Expanded FDA clearance for CoolSculpting by Allergan Aesthetics, available in the Cleveland area

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Do you struggle with areas of stubborn fat? If so, you are not alone. According to research from Allergan Aesthetics, the makers of CoolSculpting, 88 percent of adults are concerned about excess body fat, with 69 percent identifying the problem as very disturbing. Often, this fat is accumulated in specific areas, creating noticeable bulges that seem to resist diet and exercise. CoolSculpting noninvasive fat removal targets these problem areas, destroying fat cells for effective body contouring without surgery. Treatment areas excess body fat CoolSculpting was introduced five years ago, and quickly became one of the most popular nonsurgical body shaping … Continue reading

Where Cleveland area patients can obtain fat removal with DualSculpting

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Excess fat around the midsection is a typical complaint from both men and women in Cleveland. Patients often visit a leading dermatology clinic, Seriously Skin, when they have already tried traditional diet and exercise and are interested in learning about alternative ways to target these areas without having to undergo plastic surgery. While tummy tucks and liposuction are tried-and-true methods of reducing unwanted fat, they do carry a number of risks. Surgical intervention can also be extremely pricey and may require patients to take significant time off work and regular activities to fully recover and heal. Instead of using surgery … Continue reading

Professionals in Cleveland offer DualSculpting treatments

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A popular solution for unwanted areas of fat that eliminates the need for invasive plastic surgery is CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting is a technologically advanced treatment that is available at Seriously Skin for patients in and around the area of Cleveland, Ohio. This treatment reduces fat and bulges typically around the midsection that may make patients feel self-conscious about the way they look. It does so by freezing the fat cells and allowing the body to naturally flush them out, resulting in smoother body contours. Professionals in Cleveland offer DualSculpting treatments CoolSculpting treatment has been around for several years and many patients … Continue reading

How much does CoolSculpting cost for Cleveland area patients?

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It is common for patients to come to the practice of Seriously Skin in Cleveland to ask about non-invasive procedures for enhancing the skin and body. One treatment that is often suggested for patients who want to avoid plastic surgery for body enhancement is CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting is an FDA approved, non-surgical treatment that is used to target unwanted fat cells in the body without cutting into the skin. It is a wonderful alternative to surgical procedures such as tummy tucks and liposuction that may include discomfort, unwanted downtime, risk of infection, and extended healing. Coolsculpting Cleveland is a cost effective … Continue reading

Cleveland area patients ask about the advantages of CoolSculpting treatment

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Patients in the Cleveland area who are interested in learning about non-invasive ways of addressing unwanted fat cells in the body and improving body contours are welcome to make an appointment at Seriously Skin to discuss the endless possibilities with CoolSculpting. Procedures such as CoolSculpting use cryolipolysis to freeze fat cells and allow the body to naturally eliminate them over the course of several weeks. This entire process is safe and effective. The device used for CoolSculpting is approved by the FDA for body contouring and has been proven to show results in clinical trials. There are many advantages to … Continue reading

Cleveland area patients ask, “Does CoolSculpting really work?”

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At Seriously Skin, Cleveland area patients have access to a wide range of solutions for their skin and body. The team is dedicated to helping others look and feel their best with medical and cosmetic dermatology options. Patients unhappy with areas of fat on the body that have accumulated and not responded to diet and exercise are welcome to contact our practice to learn about the advantages of treatments such as CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting essentially freezes away fat underneath the skin in a safe and effective manner. It does so without harming the surrounding skin and muscles, and allows patients to … Continue reading

Cleveland patients ask about the CoolSculpting procedure

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Unwanted areas of fat are common for both men and women. This may be around the midsection, on the thighs, or even on the upper arms. Wherever extra fat cells have accumulated, many patients want it gone. While diet and exercise are great ways to address overall body fat, they are not the best methods for targeted attention to specific areas. This is when procedures such as CoolSculpting can help. At Seriously Skin in Cleveland, Ohio, patients can enjoy the benefits of a non-invasive treatment to improve areas where excess fat is an issue. CoolSculpting is a wonderful alternative to … Continue reading

Cleveland area professional offers freeze treatment for unwanted fat

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Unwanted fat is a common concern for both men and women. Fat cells may deposit on specific areas of the body and be difficult to remove with diet and exercise. At Seriously Skin, we are proud to offer Cleveland area residents a wide range of treatments to enhance the body and skin, including Allergan’s CoolSculpting freeze treatment for fat. CoolSculpting is a revolutionary treatment that uses cryolipolysis to drop the temperature of the fat cells in the skin to the point they are naturally flushed out of the body over time. By using CoolSculpting, patients avoid the need for invasive … Continue reading

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