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Have you seen our billboard?
Well, if not, you are in for quite a treat.

Here is some information we would like to share about our latest marketing campaign. First, we chose to put up this "Trillary" billboard simply because we find it entertaining.

Very entertaining, in fact.

Further, we believe this election is one of the most polarizing and debated elections in recent memory—for all of us. And, because we know the candidates are highly recognizable and everyone has an opinion on them- a really strong opinion we have noticed- we decided to engage our potential clients though our common cultural connection. After all, one cannot argue that the cultural ethos of society drives everything: art, music, fashion, education, economy, and yes, even marketing.

Second, we want you to know that our billboard is not a political statement and not a favoritism of any particular candidate.

The simple truth is that we find the image entertaining and eye catching. No malice intended.

Third, come on--please give us some credit! This is marketing. The fact that you are reading this means that our advertising campaign worked. We got your attention and hopefully we can introduce you to what we do-- and that is all we wanted to do.

Why? Easy.

Seriously Skin is the finest anti-aging and aesthetic medical spa in northeast Ohio. We invite you to scroll through our web pages and learn more about what we do and the conditions we treat. We love what we do and as always, our goal is to help each of our clients meet their aesthetic goals.

The skin care experts at Seriously Skin