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What acne treatment options are available to patients in the Cleveland area?

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Acne is a common reason for Cleveland area patients to visit a dermatological team. It can occur in people of all ages, not just teenagers. Many adults struggle with this condition and want to find a way to tackle it with a professional who can provide results better than over-the-counter acne treatment options. The team at Seriously Skin is equipped with some of the latest technologies to help patients get the treatments they need for healthier, more beautiful skin!

Home care

Acne treatment often starts with developing a skin care plan that can be used at home to improve the overall texture, tone, and health of the skin. Patients will work with their dermatologist to determine which cleansers, moisturizers, and other products can be used to keep the skin clean and allow prescription strength topicals to work more effectively.

SilkPeel dermalinfusion

SilkPeel dermalinfusion is an exfoliating treatment that buffs away the upper layer of the skin to reveal fresh, beautiful skin underneath. At the same time, it infuses serums that can help in treating the acne.


Microdermabrasion is another way to exfoliate the skin and help remove the bacteria from the skin that may be contributing to acne. It can also open up the pores so treatments can work faster and better.

Chemical peels

A great way to remove dead skin from the upper layer of the epidermis quickly is with chemical peels. Skin cell turnover is accelerated when patients have this treatment done on their face. Chemical peels are performed in our practice under the supervision of our team and they can range from mild to aggressive.

Laser treatments

Laser technology continues to provide dermatologists with a number of ways to address imperfections of the skin. Some of the treatments we use that utilize laser light include the MicroLaser peel, ProFractional therapy, and the QX MAX acne laser facials.

Light treatments

Our LightWave treatment is a photofacial that can also help in killing bacteria on the skin and allows patients to improve texture and tone. This light therapy has been shown to provide dramatic results for many of our acne patients in a less aggressive way.

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