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Meet Cleveland Dermatologists

Dr. Jennifer Kish, DO
Cleveland, Oh Aesthetic & Laser Surgeon
Seriously Skin

Dr. Jennifer Kish Dr. Jennifer Kish understands firsthand the effects of beauty on the psyche. As a breast cancer survivor, she vividly recounts the mental and physical impact that chemotherapy had on her while battling the disease. It was during these moments that she made the decision to pursue aesthetic medicine. She truly understands that when we look good on the outside, we feel better on the inside. Dr. Kish has embraced her passion in aesthetic medicine for over five years. Jennifer finds a tremendous amount of peace and happiness in being able to help others in their quest of personal fulfillment. When she tells her friends and patients "this is an area of medicine that gives me a great deal of pleasure and meaning," it is heartfelt and sincere as she speaks from an area of personal experience. Additionally, impressive is her training as an emergency surgeon and the fact that she is the Chief of Surgery at Medina Hospital, a Cleveland Clinic Hospital. Dr. Kish specializes in Laser resurfacing, cosmetic fillers, toxins, and skincare.

Dr. Keyvan Ravakhah, MD
Cleveland, Oh
Seriously Skin

Dr. Keyvan Ravakhah The multi-faceted Dr. Keyvan Ravakhah, MD, leads the Internal Medicine Residency Department at St. Vincent Hospital in addition to instructing all new residents at the hospital. His focus in medicine also extends to the application of light based/laser therapy, a subject that he teaches and spends considerable time researching. Naturally, this endeavor has led him to the practice of aesthetic medicine. Dr. Ravakhah is strongly committed to results. "I want my patients to be happy, and embrace the results that these therapies bring. It really is my pleasure to bring happiness to my clients." Dr. Ravakhah also adheres to the belief that the relationship between our physical and psychological well-being is interwoven, and a stasis is achieved when you feel your best. Beyond doubt, Dr. Ravakhah specializes in skin perfection. He is an expert in laser based skin rejuvenation, laser peels, scar reduction, pigment (brown/red) spot reduction, and ProFractional treatments.

DISCLAIMER: Drs. Kish and Ravakhah are medical professionals, performing services directly for you, the patient, and are not employees of or independent contractors with Laserx, LLC or Seriously Skin, LLC. Laserx, LLC serves solely as a billing agent on behalf of Drs. Kish and Ravakhah.