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Acne Injections at Seriously Skin, Cleveland

Smiling Young Woman Teenagers and adults alike deal with acne. Some patients have mild cases, and may experience a blemish here or there. However, others have severe acne, and those who deal with painful papules, cysts, or nodules may benefit from injections of cortisone.

Cortisone is a type of steroid that can be used to address large, painful blemishes that are not healing as fast as they should. The cortisone is used to reduce the inflammation of the blemish and facilitate healing. It can also reduce the likelihood that the blemish will cause a permanent scar or hyperpigmentation, and this is a great thing for those who are prone to scarring and changes in skin color.

Cortisone is also helpful for patients who need to address blemishes quickly. Patients who have an upcoming wedding or other special event can visit the team at Seriously Skin to receive cortisone injections for severe blemishes that are not healing on their own with proper skin care treatments.

Patients who are considering cortisone injections for acne must first schedule a consultation visit with a medical professional at Seriously Skin. During the examination, the doctor asks questions regarding their health history and performs a thorough evaluation of the acne blemishes. Patients who are candidates for treatment can receive the injections during the same visit, and notice a decrease in the redness and puffiness of painful acne blemishes.

Treatment is fast and easy. The doctor cleanses the skin to remove any dirt and oils, and uses a very small needle to inject cortisone directly into the blemish. Patients experience a slight prick, and the treatment is done. Many acne blemishes can be treated during the same appointment for optimum results.

If you are dealing with moderate to severe acne and are considering cortisone shots, now is the time to contact the team at Seriously Skin in Cleveland, Ohio to find out if cortisone can reduce inflammation, eliminate pain, and help blemishes heal faster than ever. Call our practice today and schedule your initial evaluation.


Seriously Skin Cosmetic and Laser Medicine
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Very happy with my results

"The doctor is very personable, I'm very happy with my results and my treatment."
Seriously Skin Cosmetic and Laser Medicine
Rating : 5 5 Stars
"The Dr. was very competent and personable."
Seriously Skin Cosmetic and Laser Medicine
Rating : 5 5 Stars
"Everyone in the office helped answer our questions. Dr. Kish is very knowledgeable and straightforward. We will definitely go back!"
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